Solitaire can now be played in Tesla cars

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Tesla has promised a big firmware update for its cars for the Christmas holidays, and here it is. The most interesting innovation is the Boombox mode, in which the car can be turned into a loud music source for a noisy street party. But there are other changes, including the entertainment plan. Thus, the Tesla Arcade gaming platform has been replenished with three new applications.

Solitaire can now be played in Tesla cars

The photo shows a description of the new Tesla firmware. It is, alas, in Norwegian, but three games, nevertheless, can be identified. The first is The Battle of Polytopia, a turn-based strategy game with single and multiplayer modes. The second is the action RPG Cat Quest. And the third is Kabal, which translates from Norwegian as “double solitaire.” So, at the end of 2020, it is not at all necessary to take a smartphone out of your pocket or carry a deck of cards with you to play solitaire. This can be done right on the big screen of the car multimedia system. True, provided that this car is a Tesla.

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