Solving Real Crimes in Eastern Market Murder Release May

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True Crime Games studio is preparing an interesting mobile game called Eastern Market Murder. In it we will investigate a real crime that happened in 1899 in Melbourne. Gamers will immerse themselves in the past using augmented reality (AR). It can be played at home, as well as on the streets of real Melbourne for complete immersion. Walking is optional. We will investigate the crime scene, examine the evidence. And all in order to outwit the killer. The case is connected with the murder of the fortuneteller by his business rival.

The passage is about one hour; in Melbourne it will take an hour and a half. The dialogues are voiced, the soundtrack is original. Locations and characters are “historically accurate,” although the graphics could have been better. Android device must support Google ARCore, iOS version is 11.0 or higher.

Eastern Market Murder will be released on iOS and Android on May 1, 2021. It will be a premium project, the price of the issue is 279 rubles… There is no Russian localization.

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