State of Decay 2 – General Tips for Beginners

image1 293 State of Decay 2 - General Tips for Beginners

Below you can find some general tips that you should read before playing State of Decay 2.

Don’t die is the first and most important tip for any survival game. It may seem obvious, but this is the main goal of the game. Remember that in State of Decay 2, every member of your community can die forever. You cannot resurrect them. Because of this, you must carefully participate in fights. Also, don’t enter buildings that are full of zombies when you’re alone. The death of a character also means that you will lose all of their items (although you can spend some time and find the character’s corpse to collect loot).

In the beginning, you shouldn’t move too far from your base. Nearby there are several buildings, shops and gas stations where you can find supplies, weapons and ammo.

Think about what items might be useful during your next mission. This allows you to avoid situations where, for example, you do not have enough ammo or medicines.

Always try to aim for the heads when you are using a pistol or rifle. It may take longer, but you will save precious ammo.

Make sure your car’s fuel tank has enough fuel before you start driving it. You don’t want to stay in the middle of a crowd of zombies and walk to your base.

In addition to the base, you will also need small outposts where you can store items or change equipment. They can save you time to get back to base.

Remember that zombies can enter buildings not only through doors, but also by jumping through windows. Some of the enemies are too big and they won’t be able to get inside – you can shoot them from the building, but remember that you will waste a lot of ammo.

Pay attention to the stamina bar of your currently controlled character. Each action costs a few stamina points. When it drops to zero, you will have to rest for a while.

The amount of stamina used depends on the weight the character is carrying. A lighter backpack means the character will use less stamina.

Skill books can be found in libraries or offices. It is important that your community specializes in as many areas as possible – this will allow you to access more useful parameters in your database.

Weapons have a certain level of durability. They break when this number goes to zero. Build a workshop to avoid such situations – you can repair broken weapons.

You can use a flashlight when sneaking – zombies do not react to light while you are behind them.

Your community needs to take care of themselves when you’re not around – make sure they’re well-equipped to defeat the zombies.

Other members of your community can also go on a trip and look for consumables when you are away – the game informs you about this by radio.

From time to time, you may receive information that one of the survivors is nearby and that they can offer you valuable items. These offers are limited in time and usually last for 30 minutes, for example. You should always go to them and see what they have to offer – sometimes they can give you a valuable item that you can’t find.

In multiplayer, everyone has different containers to search for – the game marks locations for each player.


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