Stone Colossus Galio arrives in League of Legends: Wild Rift

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Riot Games continues to release patch 2.2 for the mobile MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift. A new champion has been added to the game named Galio, who is a stone colossus who is on guard outside the walls of Demacia. He is a tank mage and has the following abilities:

  • Colossal blow (passively) – Galio buffs his next attack. It deals magic damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Winds of War – Galio launches two vortexes that deal magic damage and connect to form a tornado. The tornado deals magic damage for a short time in the amount of a certain percentage of the target’s maximum health.
  • Duran’s Shield – Passive: every few seconds when receiving magical damage, Galio is covered by a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage for a certain time. Hold: Galio enters a defensive stance, slowing his movement speed. During this time, he receives less magical and physical damage. Release: Galio deals magic damage to nearby enemies and taunts them for a short duration based on the hold time.
  • Fist of justice – Galio charges forward until it hits an enemy champion or terrain object. On collision, Galio deals magic damage to enemies and knocks them up.
  • The appearance of the hero (Ulta) – Galio chooses the location of the allied champion as the landing point and temporarily places the Duran’s Shield on all allied champions near the target. Galio arrives at the specified location, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and knocking them up.

The second ranked season of League of Legends: Wild Rift kicks off on April 2, 2021, with the Wild Pass in the game.

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