Stronghold Crusader – tips for beginners

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Stronghold Crusader is an exciting and educational computer game. It is a real-time strategy and is dedicated to the crusades that took place in the Middle East.

over the years, the original game has been popular among personal computer users. It is simple, but it is distinguished by a variety of strategies and tactics.

Stronghold Crusader Features

The Stronghold Crusader player owns fifty missions. As a rule, they are arranged in order of increasing complexity. However, sometimes super-difficult missions happen in the initial missions, after which it is much easier to go through the next stages.

In Stronghold Crusader, you can change the speed. It’s much easier to play at a slower speed, as your computer opponent will slowly progress at the same speed. If you play at 100 speed, then as long as you bring down only the market and additional warehouses, your enemy can restore the whole castle.

Stronghold Crusader Characters

The game has a large number of different characters. They help the protagonist fight numerous trials: hunger, plague, fire. The main danger is the attack of powerful and strong enough opponents. The main figure of the game is the lord, who must be constantly protected. The death of the main character means the end of the game.

Stronghold Crusader - Heavyhold Crusader

Peasants provide their master-lord with food. The workers present in the Stronghold Crusader must mine iron, stone, and wood. Warriors play an important role in the game. For the passage to be successful, it is necessary to constantly increase the ranks of the troops. They must be hired from among the unemployed peasants, pinmakers, swordsmen, spearmen and archers.

In Stronghold Crusader, you can be a good lord. He takes care of his people: to feed them well, build taverns for them, exempt them from taxes, and so on. All these actions increase his popularity, but his people become lazy and there is a significant decrease in productivity. Due to this, an insufficient amount of weapons, food and production products is created. As a result, this leads to problems in the defense of the castle.

Stronghold Crusader - Heavyhold Crusader

The tyrant lord imposes exorbitant taxes on the people and, if necessary, employs executioners. Then his people begin to work at full strength and labor productivity rises. However, there is a downside – the popularity of the lord is steadily declining, as a result of which people can leave the castle forever. This can lead to disastrous results, and the main character will have no one to protect and feed.

The best option is to find the “golden mean”. Peasants should be taxed with reasonable taxes. Taxation can be successfully offset by the construction of a tavern or church, which will balance the income from taxes and will not lead to a decrease in the popularity of the lord.

Stronghold Crusader - Heavyhold Crusader

Tips for passing Stronghold Crusader

For the troops, barracks should be built. The construction of the barracks requires stones that can be obtained by workers. In a strategic game, you can also use the services of hired warriors. With their help, you can overcome a potential enemy much faster.

To build a camp for Arab mercenaries or a barn in which the peasants live, you need to get a tree. Everything that is grown and mined by peasants can be successfully sold or bought in a special mobile shop, which is also built of wood. Surplus weapons produced by artisans can also be sold.

Stronghold Crusader - Heavyhold Crusader

The most interesting thing in Stronghold Crusader is the opposition of teams that use various strategic and tactical techniques. At the same time, each of the participants has a specific task. The game should take into account the location of the castle of the lord, the location of iron mines and quarries. It is necessary to be the first to capture the deposit, preventing the enemy from doing so. The most important thing is to make important decisions independently and boldly, then victory will be yours.


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