The authors of Last Epoch told more about multiplayer and presented a gameplay video

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The isometric Action RPG Last Epoch continues to evolve and will soon be adding four-player multiplayer to the game. The exact date has not been named, but it is planned to do this in 2021. The authors also presented a gameplay video demonstrating the future innovation and its details.

With the release of the update, users will be able to choose between single and multiplayer modes. And for the latter, you will need to select a server. It will be available to join groups of up to four people from the list of friends, search for random players, the ability to resurrect teammates. They will also be allowed to skip story acts if users want to play together. Even when joining a squad, the difficulty will grow in proportion to the number of people.

In addition, a trading system will appear. At the market in the city, you can visit other players’ shops and buy items with in-game gold. Trading outlets will appear randomly so that trading does not become the main way to obtain the necessary items. At the same time, players will be able to exchange loot without restrictions, but for free (as a gift). As for PvP, it is also expected, but after the release of version 1.0. There are no details about him yet.

Last Epoch is a multiplayer Action / RPG akin to Path of Exile and Diablo. The project was carried out by Eleventh Hour Games and offers a division into classes, time travel and related systems, a fantasy-fantasy plot, as well as many active and passive skills with the possibility of pumping.

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