The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Character Classes

The basis of the game is to use the support of our team. We will get access to agents with different specialties during the first stay at the base (Visit base 1). Initially, they are little developed, but by participating in tasks and sending them on special missions, we can increase their level of experience. This way they will gain more health and gain access to new skills.

The agents themselves are selected before the start of the mission. You can change them in the same task, or if the character has died. This is done in special places, the so-called gas stations – special boxes marked with a gun and bullets. However, you can use the option to add new agents during the mission if you don’t choose to set the difficulty too high.

It’s also worth noting that the Endurance skill increases health by one point and is awarded independently of other skills. Also, sometimes we can decide which of the two available abilities we want to choose. You should think about the choice and choose one.

Each class is further divided into subclasses that we choose when recruiting this agent. These are small bonuses that are also included in the descriptions.

Below are descriptions of personality as well as skills. In brackets it is indicated at what level of development this skill becomes available.

Main character

William Carter is the main character of the game with a number of unique abilities not available to other agents.


  • Heal (1) – Heal, Carter’s main and one of the key skills. Thanks to him, in a short time you can fully heal yourself and your companions (not for those who have lost all hit points or are dead).
  • Lift (2) – elevation, a very useful ability to lift the enemy, which for a certain time becomes defenseless. The heavier the enemy, the higher we can lift him.
  • Grenadier (3) – increases the number of grenades carried by the main character from 3 to 6. It is better to choose the “Medic” option.
  • Medic (3) – Reduces the loading time of healing skills. This is a better solution than the Grenadier.
  • Silacoid (4) – Allows Carter to create aliens. This is useful in most battles – it does a good job of dealing with smaller enemies, and in the case of larger ones, it distracts them.
  • Lift Enhancement (5) is a great skill that makes enemies take much more damage. On the battlefield, it performs very well, and it is better to invest in it.
  • Corrosive Fluids (5) – Increases the attack power of silicic acids. In practice, it is much better to choose the Lift Enhancement skill.
  • Drone (6) – Carter can summon a drone to fight for our team. It not only distracts the attention of the enemy, but also inflicts damage on him. You should use this option as often as possible.
  • Combat Drone (7) – A very useful skill for drones that allows them to pick up enemies. A strong opponent is a very easy target for the hero and the team. However, you will not be able to select the Medic Drone. Here the choice is quite complicated and depends on the style of the player.
  • Medic Drone (7) – An upgraded drone capable of healing members of our squad. This is useful during tough battles. However, it’s hard to tell if this is a better ability than Combat Drone, everyone has to decide for themselves.
  • Mind Control (8) – the selected enemy will fight on our side for a certain time. A very useful ability, especially in the fight against large opponents, such as a muton or a sectopoid, which we can reassign for a while.
  • Mind Merge (9) – causes the captured unit to attack with more force. It is better to choose Mind Rend.
  • Mind Rend (9) – After completing a unit check, it takes heavy damage. This is a much more effective ability than Mind Merge, especially when controlling large enemies.
  • Squad Morale (10) – Causes the team to take less damage. However, the second choice is better.
  • Squad Inspiration (10) – Accelerates the ability of all team members to recharge faster. A very useful case during battles and a much more interesting alternative to Squad Morale.


Support (Support) – Soldiers of this class are successful primarily in defensive actions and in supporting members. Weapons are their main trump card.


  • Pre-med – increases the bleeding time of the agent, which means you have more time to help him.
  • Officer School – increases the character’s accuracy.
  • Technical Training – Agents of this subclass regenerate faster.
  • Combat Training – The agent deals more damage during combat.
  • Endurance training – the character is more resistant to damage.
  • Adrenal Conditioning – Damage regenerates faster.


  • Combat Stims (1) – Increases the stamina, accuracy and attack power of the agents in the team.
  • Shield Sphere (2) – creates a barrier (our agents can shoot through it). The more damage the barrier takes, the faster it will be destroyed.
  • Disrupt (3) – Can destroy the opponent’s shield, stunning them at the same time. Useful when you are fighting smaller opponents in the latter part of the game. However, choosing the Weaken ability seems to be more cost effective.
  • Weaken (3) – He can immediately destroy enemy armor that is equipped with heavy opponents. The skill is more useful than Disrupt.
  • Medical Breakthrough (4) – Increases the range of Combat Stims, making agents stronger and more accurate. It seems to be a better ability than Guardian Angel.
  • Guardian Angel (4) – Reduces damage dealt to agents. It is better to choose the medical breakthrough ability.
  • Helping Hand (4) – The ability of the agents in the team lasts longer.
  • Savior (5) – Extends bleeding time so you can give them first aid longer. It seems like a worse choice than the Mirror.
  • Mirror (5) – Causes the barrier to reflect projectiles in the direction of the enemy. This seems like a better choice than the Savior ability.

Intelligence service

Reconnaissance (reconnaissance) – agents of this class specialize in the use of sniper rifles. They have great shot power, but they are not strong enough. It is worth investing in scouts because they have very useful abilities on the battlefield.


  • CIA: Special Ops – Deals more damage with side or rear attacks.
  • FBI field agent – increases the accuracy of the agent’s shot.
  • Technical Training – The recovery of used abilities is faster.
  • Combat Training – More damage dealt by the Scout.
  • Adrenal Conditioning – the character is less susceptible to shots.


  • Critical Strike (1) is a great ability that deals massive damage to the target.
  • Hard to kill (2) – Reduces the enemy’s ability to hit the scout. If we keep this agent at a safe distance, then it’s better to invest in the Sniper’s abilities.
  • Sniper (2) – Deals more damage when fired from a sniper rifle.
  • Eagle Eye (2) – The Scout deals more damage when firing from a flank or higher position.
  • Cloak (3) – the agent becomes invisible for a certain time, which means that he is not subject to enemy attacks. So, for example, you can hit through the flank. Useful ability, although sabotage seems like a better choice.
  • Sabotage (3) – Creates a false image of a second agent that provokes nearby enemies to attack. A very useful ability, for example, during duels with large opponents who will shoot at a fake clone instead of real soldiers. Better choice than Cloak.
  • Crack Shot (4) – Recovers Critical Strike ability faster. Useful if we are fighting smaller opponents. In a collision with large ones, the second option will work better.
  • Armor Piercer (4) – Shot from piercing shields and armor. A better solution than Crack Shot for fighting strong opponents with extra protection.
  • Fire Mission (5) – artillery support, firing missiles at the selected area. A very useful skill when fighting a group of smaller enemies. It is worth noting that this ability can also be used indoors.


Engineer – characters of this class are mainly used as technical support. They can spread deadly mines and build fortifications on the battlefield. In direct combat, they only work at short distances because they use rifles.


  • Gunsmith – Increases aiming accuracy.
  • Grease Monkey – Extends the duration of the engineer’s ability.
  • Technical Training – Faster loading of Engineer skills.
  • Combat Training – Engineers have more attack power.
  • Endurance training – increased resistance to injury.
  • Adrenal Conditioning – Accelerates the healing of minor injuries.


  • Scatter (1) is a useful skill with which you can cause fear and provoke enemies to flee. This works well, for example, if you want to forge an enemy from cover.
  • Mine (2) – a blow is applied to the selected point, causing great damage to enemies.
  • Master of Destruction (3) – Increases the Engineer’s chance to strike. More profitable than a shotgun.
  • Shotgun (3) – Increases the Engineer’s accuracy and attack power. However, it is better to invest in Demolition Master.
  • Rocket tower (4) – rocket guns. Deals significant damage to enemies at long and medium distances, although the rate of fire is not the highest. Choose between this version and Laser Turret by yourself.
  • The Laser Turret (4) is a laser cannon with a high rate of fire and significant damage at short to medium ranges. Eliminates the Rocket Turret ability.
  • Fortified Towers (5) – Causes exploded areas to gain additional cover. It is worth investing in this ability. Seems to be a better choice than Monkeywrench.
  • Monkeywrench (5) – Team members deal more damage to enemies. However, the Fortered Turrets ability is more useful on the battlefield.
  • Heavy Metals (5) – Weapons deployed by the Engineer deal more damage.


Commandos (Commando) – soldiers of this class are characterized by a large number of health points and are focused on direct combat. They use machine guns.


  • Veteran of the Korean War – attacks flanking enemies more effectively.
  • Deniable Ops – makes it harder to hit the agent.
  • Technical training – accelerated loading of skills.
  • Combat Training – Commandos have more attack power.
  • Endurance training – increased resistance to injury.
  • Adrenal Conditioning – Accelerates the healing of minor injuries.


  • Taunt (1) – commando provokes the enemy to attack his personality. Useful if we want the enemy to leave cover.
  • Pulse Wave (2) – A shockwave that knocks over small and medium enemies and slows large enemies.
  • Tunnel Vision (3) – Causes enemies affected by the Taunt ability to take more damage. More useful than a machine gunner.
  • Machine Gunner (3) – Causes commandos to deal more damage to enemies. It is better to choose the Tunnel Vision ability.
  • Personal Shield (4) – The commando extends a protective barrier to the targeted agent. The Plasma Field ability seems like the best choice.
  • Plasma Field (4) – Creates an area of ​​plasma that deals significant damage to all enemies in it. More useful than Personal Shield.
  • Resilence (4) – Commandos are more resistant to enemy attacks.
  • Peak Conditioning (5) – Increases commando health. Wave Amplification seems to be the best choice.
  • Wave Amplification (5) – Pulse Wave deals more damage to enemies.

How to create a team?

When choosing agents for a team, it is best to follow the principle of universality. The more abilities available during combat, the better. So choose different classes. Choosing two agents of the same specialty is pointless as it limits the number of available abilities.

As for the pairs of agents themselves, there is no golden rule. Almost every connection works very well and is very dependent on the player. Support Agents should be invested in by players who prefer a defensive style – their ability to protect a team, for example associated with engineers, which can create a real barrier that cannot be passed. Therefore, you should experiment and choose the best agents on your own.


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