The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Descriptions of enemies that appear in the game

  • Sectoid is the weakest of the opponents. They are quite slow and you only need 1-2 shots from your pistol to get rid of them. They themselves have laser weapons of not very high power.
  • Gun Turret – defensive systems that can quickly crush team members and the hero himself. Their main disadvantage is their lack of mobility – they only stand in one place, so the best way to eliminate them is to flank them and shoot from behind cover.
  • Outsider – the enemy is stronger than the sectoid. The design resembles a person. It is quite resistant to attacks and has a fast-moving laser rifle. Therefore, during the battle it is better to use the surrounding shields.
  • Drop Pods are solid platforms dropped onto the battlefield from which new aliens emerge from time to time. If you have a heavier weapon, it’s worth destroying it.
  • Drone – small flying balls that attack you from the air. They are quite dangerous because they can harm you even when you are behind cover. For this, they are quite fast, they move frequently and can heal aliens. It’s best to fire your rifles and destroy them first. The development version, i.e. Advanced Drone, is more durable and has the ability to lift our satellites.
  • The Infiltrator is a dangerous enemy type with the ability to summon steroids and the ability to throw grenades. Until you deal with this, the Scout will call in new enemies, so it’s best to focus your fire on him rather than dealing with smaller enemies. Shoot more during the fight, because the alien has a regenerating shield. Only after it is destroyed can you kill it.
  • Shield Commander is a support soldier whose main task is to protect his companions with shields. It is best to get rid of it early in the fight so that other enemies are not protected.
  • Mouton is a powerful and very strong enemy armed with a shotgun. It is best to attack him from a distance and in all possible ways. Extreme and critical shots and grenades work very well. If you notice that the enemy is approaching too fast, quickly change cover.
  • Sectopods are powerful alien mechs with very high attack power. You can attack them in two ways. The first is to draw their attention away from someone on the team and attack from behind. The armor from this part of the robot is actually weaker. The second option is to destroy the glass protecting the control cabin. After that, just kill the pilot, and after the kill, the robot will fall.
  • Gunship is a powerful flying alien machine equipped with high speed lasers and missiles. Moreover, it also transports soldiers. During the fight with him, try to stay in constant motion and use high covers (like rooftops) to protect yourself from fire.
  • Rocket Sniper – aliens armed with rocket launchers with powerful firepower. It is better to destroy them at the beginning of the battle so that they cannot deal too much damage to the hero and his comrades.
  • Silakoid is a very fast, but not very strong type, resembling a creepy, black jelly. Be careful because he can jump on the character, so you have to be ready to dodge.
  • The Outsider Elite is an improved version of the Outsider equipped with renewable armor. It is worth focusing all the fire on him, because otherwise he will constantly repair his shields.
  • Tech Commander is the commander-in-chief, who, in addition to participating in combat, can support his units, for example, with additional shields and the ability to protect turrets.
  • Sniper Elite is a sniper who uses a laser rifle. They can deal a lot of damage at a great distance. The red laser facilitates the search for this enemy, with which he tracks his victims.
  • Wraith – fast alien soldiers who can turn invisible for a moment. However, in this state, you can see them because, despite the transparency, you can see the outlines of their bodies. They are equipped with laser rifles, and due to their high agility, they are quite difficult to hit. It’s better not to let them get close, because they are very effective in hand-to-hand combat. Elite Ghosts are additionally protected by shields.
  • The Elite Muton is a much better and deadlier version of the typical Muton. Unlike the main enemy, this enemy moves very fast, mostly thanks to long distance jumps. Upon landing, it creates a shockwave that hits all nearby targets. In addition, he has strong ranged attacks and the ability to create plasma fields that you need to run away from immediately. Unlike a regular muton, when fighting an elite version, it’s best to stay on the move at all times. Attack with the most powerful forces (drones, critical strikes), but above all, shoot from the launcher.
  • Minion Commander is another version of the commander. Soldiers of this type use dangerous plasma rifles and grenades and have the ability to summon drones. They can also take control of our agents, forcing them to shoot at you.
  • Scouts are scouts, soldiers are armed with plasma rifles. They are able to move quickly across the battlefield and are relatively tough.


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