The Division 2 – how to create the best equipment in the game

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The Division 2 is full of gear, but crafting the best of them requires the highest skill. But as?

How to get the best items in the game? In the second division, you will find many opportunities to create attractive gadgets on your own – this fact should not cause problems even for a beginner, but it is worth learning some of the tricks presented below, which will make crafting easier and more accessible for many players.

1. Avoid upgrading equipment below level 30!

It can be tempting to take a look at all available crafting materials shortly after getting them, it’s best to refrain from doing so. Why? With each level in Division 2, you receive two items that will help you improve the equipment you wield. However, along with the next levels, you get better and better gear – so it’s worth stopping from upgrading gear to level 30 when you finish the last mission. That’s when you’ll gain access to new activities that will require you to create the perfect quality weapon that will allow you to increase your equipment rating (the higher your inventory level, the higher your position in the rating).

2. Buy the right skills!

The Division 2

With so many options to choose from, you can just get lost among the many options for developing your own character, for which you can unlock skills in special SHD caches – you will find them scattered throughout The Division 2 map. If you like to collect, be sure to unlock the related ones first. skills for inventory and craft materials. The above profit will allow you to transport more materials and equipment. You can even buy extra crate space if you find too many interesting items you’d like to keep for yourself.

In addition, you should think about the possibility of discovery – thanks to this, you will find a large number of resources. This skill makes the area around the protagonist highlighted, making clearing the streets of excess loot a fairly easy task.

3. Improve your workshop!

The Division 2

Whenever you unlock the ability to craft items during a campaign, you’ll want to start saving resources to upgrade your workshop. Every few levels – up to the maximum, the thirtieth – you can do this to create even better equipment. When an update is available, you will see it in the lower left corner of the craft menu. The Ultimate Workshop will give you the ability to craft high end equipment at level 30 and will encourage you to constantly upgrade your equipment to increase Gear Gear. It’s worth noting that you’ll need the last level of upgrade in your workshop to be able to craft unique items that will give you an extra bonus depending on the equipment you’re using. Therefore, the improvement of the workshop is absolutely necessary.

4. Take everything you find

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Clearing the streets of equipment is probably the most important element of Division 2 – at least when it comes to crafting. So you have to be careful what kind of things you find – bags, boxes, and other things like that. Don’t forget about equipment that drops from your enemies.

Areas with less common materials and additional equipment are usually hidden – often behind closed or secure doors – but there are different ways to get them. The most important thing to remember is that the game is characterized by the color yellow, as it often indicates that there is a door/fence with attractive equipment behind the closed data.

5. Take things apart


It doesn’t take long before you start hoarding a lot of old equipment – and the desire to sell it can be attractive. However, if you resist this temptation, you can dismantle these items. The materials you get from him are often much more valuable than the currency you would get for the target equipment – it will also help you a lot more, especially at higher levels. Dismantling high-level special equipment will also help in finding crafting materials – it’s worth looking at specific items that can be crafted once we get a new tooling.

This doesn’t mean that this rule will come in handy in every situation because you will eventually reach the transfer limit, but it will take some time – especially if you’ve invested in increasing perks by increasing your max load. It is also worth noting that from time to time the inventory of our equipment will be reduced due to various projects in which we will have to (mostly with the help of resources) help the citizens encountered in the game.

6. Store equipment with interesting perks

The Division 2

Before dismantling/selling your unwanted items, always be vigilant when it comes to guaranteed perks. Why? Because they can be transferred from old and already forgotten equipment to new ones. This is only possible when using a similar weapon, so you will not be able to transfer attributes from an assault rifle to an assault rifle, but nothing prevents you from transferring them from a pistol to a pistol! Therefore, if you see really strong attributes of a given weapon, remember that it is better to keep it because it can be useful in the later stages of the game.

7. Gather collections of blueprints

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Having all the resources in the world is pointless if you have nothing to build. This is where blueprints come in, which can be obtained from almost all activities in Division 2, from side missions to purchasing them from local vendors. However, it is enough to check the mission rewards and complete those in which you can get a plan. In addition, if you complete the campaign and reach level 30, you can try to achieve even better plans that are not available to ordinary players – to get them, you must climb the career ladder and belong to one of the world levels.

We understand that the above tips are the basics – they are worth using because they are useful and will help in the development of the main character in the dangerous world of The Division 2.


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