the legendary player once again led the dragon to Stormwind and caused the wrath of hundreds of users

World of WarCraft: Classic kicked off the Season of Mastery a few days ago, bringing with it some very interesting features. In addition to starting all players from scratch, stronger bosses and more experience for group quests, there was also a “hardcore” mode “Soul of Iron”, in which players are not allowed to die.

The bottom line is that users receive a special buff that allows them to track the number of deaths. Upon death, the hero loses a percentage of the characteristics, so it is not recommended to die in this mode. However, there is always a “smart troll” who breaks the plans of such users.

This was the legendary player Frond, also known as Taestiranos. A man has been leading the dragon Tenetos the Devourer from the Blasted Lands to Stormwind for several years and then genocide begins. Defeating a monster can only be done by a well-coordinated team of level 60 players, but since the season began recently, there are very few of them. Therefore, this time a large number of users were destroyed, including those with the “Soul of Iron” buff.

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Many write threats to the player on Reddit and in the game, but more positive comments. In his own words, the ratio is about 30/70.

You can see how the annihilation took place below:

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