The long-awaited return of the Hu Tao banner and the new Sumeru area in Genshin Impact Patch 3.4

HoYoverse has held a presentation of a major update 3.4 “Night Harmony of the Strings” for the adventure Action RPG Genshin Impact. During the live broadcast, the developers talked about what players should expect in the upcoming update.

The Sumeru region will be replenished with a new area called Hadramavet. This location is a desert, in the center of which a huge whirlwind rages, causing violent sandstorms. After completing the “Golden Dreamland” quest, you can start a new adventure with Jeht from Tanit’s camp. You have to find a magic bottle and send it in search of long-forgotten legends and the Oasis of Eternity, where King Deshret, according to legend, stopped time in memory of the goddess of flowers.

The update will also add two new Dendro characters to the game: Al-Haytham (5★, one-handed weapon) and Yao Yao (4★, spear). In addition, the developers will finally return the long-awaited Hu Tao banner – the last time you could get the heroine was in November 2021.

With the coming of the Sea Lantern Festival, Genshin Impact will be hosting a variety of events to take part in various challenges and earn rewards for doing so. In addition, the Sacred Call of the Seven card game will be expanded with two cards (Klee and Bei Dou) and will receive a new temporary mode with special rules.

Update 3.4 for Genshin Impact will be released on January 18, 2023.

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