The Prime version of Ragnarok Online has been replenished with the Battle Time update

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Innova announced the installation of a major update “Battle Time” on the servers of the Prime version of Ragnarok Online. It brings a fresh PvP mode, three arenas and a special event.

Details of the innovations:

  • In three new arenas, battles for the throne of the Kingdom of Maroll will take place. Players will be able to receive special rewards for participation, as well as vote for their favorite challenger.
  • For the first time, Black Forest Castle and Walfreye will become territories available in guild wars, namely in the special mode of the War for the Imperium patch. In addition, each location will include 5 locks and all have new protection systems. For example, adding gates and bastions, reducing the number of teleports, and so on. The war will take place on April 18 from 20:00 to 22:00 Moscow time, and then it will take place regularly on Sundays.
  • The Nameless Island appeared – PvE territory under the Cursed Monastery. Its lands are filled with hidden mysteries and dangers.

These were the main details of the patch. You can find a complete list of changes on the official website of the project.

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