The raid on Lord Illiacan will appear in Lost Ark KR next week. New trailer published

The developers of MMORPG Lost Ark have announced the exact release date for the next major update for the Korean version. The update will become available on August 24, 2022 and will add a new raid on Lord Illyakan.

Illyakan is the commander of the Fel Legion. The weakness of the body, which many considered his weakness, he turned into his strength. His flesh exudes disease and disease that weakens even the strongest opponents. Constantly balancing between life and death, he commands the power of decay.

In the Russian version of Lost Ark, the raid on Lord Illiacan should not be expected until November 2022, since updates are already scheduled until October.

군단장 레이드 일리아칸 Teaser | LOST ARK - Commander Raid 'Illiakan'

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