The release date of the role-playing gacha Animae Arche in Japan has become known, we are waiting for the end of May

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Love jRPG mobile games straight from Japan? Then watch – Animae Arche. This is a typical gacha with female anime characters (waifu). They have cat ears. You can make friends with them and establish a “special bond”. Characters are made in chibi style. The battles are 3D and turn-based, sort of like vertical style gameplay. Players can create and unite in guilds to fend off powerful enemies.

Local waifu can dance to songs; we can customize their movement, facial expressions and camera. Characters must be pumped by purchasing materials and participating in battles. There is some kind of Arena, probably for PvP battles. There is also an “Endless Tower” here. With each playthrough, its difficulty level increases.

Animae Arche will be released on iOS and Android in Japan. This will happen on May 27th. Pre-registration is now available via TapTap and digital stores. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions. Nothing is known about the global version.

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