So the New Year has come. And while we look forward to the surprises it brings, let’s take a look at the mobile games and ports that have shaped the industry and have grown generations for the fifth time. I again have a fairly diverse selection this time, which will not do without obvious contenders and controversial leaders of their genre. Therefore, as always, we leave comments with our thoughts and arrange a holivar. The previous selection can be found here.

Grand theft auto iii

The Grand Theft Auto series began its existence with a rather experimental and unusual first part, which can hardly be compared with the last fifth. But if you trace the history of the formation of the series as we know it now, then all roads will lead to Grand Theft Auto III. This part laid the foundation for the general insanity and gangster mayhem that was really revealed in Vice City and San Andreas. We find ourselves in the fictional city of Liberty City. The protagonist, who escapes from a police truck, participates in a typical rags-to-riches story. You will have to do dirty work, earn extra money as a taxi driver or a medic to climb the career ladder of a murderer and a bandit.

Throughout the entire game, we do not receive our character’s name, so often he is either “Guy” or even “Tuzik” for the local Godfathers. Later his name was declassified – Claude. By the way, things will not go well when the wife of one of the leaders falls in love with Claude. This means that we will have to fight not for wealth at some point but our lives with a whole family of bandits.

Goat simulator

Someone calls it an unfinished and lazy game, depending on funny parodies and memes, and someone with warmth in their hearts recalls 2014 when Goat Simulator first appeared on the PC. Its development history is quite simple and logical: the Coffee Stain studio released a video with a goat that destroys everything that its horns touch. That being said, the local ragdoll system allows our buddy to stretch like Mister Fantastic. The project was originally conceived as a parody of skateboard simulators. The public liked the idea, and soon the full-fledged project saw the light. Since the original part’s release, the goat managed to visit space, medieval fantasy, and become a participant in a bank robbery. This is a real Internet phenomenon of the past decade.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Scott Cowton managed to develop many indie projects, but in the same 2014, he published an unusual game about a night watchman in a pizzeria. And all would be fine, but there are strange rumors about this place, one of which says about the maniac… He took the children into the back room and killed them there, after which the local animatronics began to publish strange smells and even move independently at night. They are harmless by themselves, but if they see a living person, they can count him as a broken animatronic and try to fix it quickly. Who would have thought that from springs and other metal particles in a spare suit, a person dies immediately… So close the doors and don’t forget to keep track of the remaining energy.

Shortly after the release, Five Nights at Freddy’s became a favorite among fans of indie games. In the future, this project turned into a real franchise, and in addition to numbered parts, we received a lot of fan crafts. And Scott helps people in every way who develop the history of the local universe. It hardly reaches the SCP level, but few can argue with the simplicity and genius of a rabbit staring at the camera, which a second ago was in a completely different room.

The escapists

Film adaptation “The Shawshank Redemption” Stephen King may have become popular and respected among great cinema fans. Still, video game developers have failed to do the same with the prison escape simulator genre before The Escapists. This minimalistic toy will help you realize your wildest escape plans from captivity. There are many ways you come to them in various ways: when necessary, repeat the story of Andy Dufrein, and when to arrange a real riot within the prison walls. At the same time, do not forget about the usual life of prisoners and the change of time of day, plus the guards constantly monitor your behavior, and at any time, they can arrange a raid on your cell with a search. Therefore, if you love sandboxes, where conditions are constantly changing and the stakes are sometimes high, then be sure to try it.

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition.

An ingenious idea for this project originated during the Christmas celebration from one of the developers. Initially, the prototype was a mini-survival on the island, where you have to hunt animals during the day and at night to save yourself near the fire and fight off rabid pigs… There was a constant lack of meat, which made the character die at some point; this led to the unusual name. Don’t Starve; that is, “don’t starve.” As a result, the game has grown in content, and now it is a good alternative to one sandbox developed in Java (we will talk about it later). There are various characters to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. The main point is the hero’s mind, which decreases from various negative indicators: standing in the pouring rain without an umbrella, hiking at night without a torch, and so on. You can bring the situation to the point that we will begin to see monsters that can cause real damage.


Devolver Digital knows how to create unusual and engaging games (hello Fall Guys). For fans of card projects, the Reigns series is suitable: here, we take on the role of a king who is trying to stay on the throne for as many years as possible. In addition to his subjects, he is visited by the Devil himself, a witch, a dragon, and other freaks. Your actions will significantly affect the next king’s reign, so any “good crusade“Can survive several kings. Players constantly have to balance between four indicators: religion, people, army, and money. Not enough gold in the treasury? You can always share power with the church, which will gladly pay for such a step. The Dragon stole the princess? We sit on the horse and gallop to save her (only we will have to pay for this). Maybe you hear rumors that you got out of the sea Kraken, and the fishermen flee in terror? There are not enough funds in the treasury to send an army there, so let’s pray for the poor things.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The success of Minecraft is so overwhelming that almost 10 years later, this game remains relevant among the younger generation, and even in the App Store, It ranked first in the category “adventure.” The project’s idea is simple – the player gets on a randomly generated map and survives there. The local graphics are made in a square-pixel style copied a thousand times. A loyal community that adds recruits every year, constantly creates new maps and modifications for Minecraft. So if you’ve always dreamed visit Hogwarts, then you can always do it in virtual and cubic space. In addition to large and thematic additions, the game is used to showcase new technologies. This applies, for example, to ray tracing. Craftsmen also create real in-game calculators and processors. The smartest could create a computer, install Windows 98 on it and run the original DOOM.


So far, Diablo Immortal’s release is far away, so Eternium is the best and time-tested slasher on smartphones. For example, it has almost 2.3 million reviews on Google Play alone, and the average rating is 4.8 stars. The local graphics will definitely appeal to Torchlight lovers. The developers adhered to philosophy’s strategy about the inadmissibility of paid access and donated things that make some gamers more equal. In special cases, it is possible to play offline, although some online functions are still available. For casting spells, characters are used that we have to draw on the screen. Several classes are available to choose from: bandit, warrior, or magician. They will have to descend into dark dungeons to destroy zombies, skeletons, and robots. This is done for pumping and, of course, for more rare items.


If you are looking for the best classic platformer for smartphones, then Badland should go further. We take on the role of some forest dwellers who suddenly decided to find out what is happening in their forest. It turns out that there are many traps and obstacles hidden in it. The developers claim that the gameplay is tied to physics’s real laws, which only adds to the atmosphere and immersion. A co-op mode is also available, which allows up to four people to play on one device. There are over 100 levels in total, plus there is a map editor. If you have a controller lying around, then it can be used together with touch controls.

Hyperlight drifter

Winner of prestigious festivals and numerous nominees. Hyper Light Drifter – one game in a million… There is support for controllers here, but touch control is not inferior. The local story is told through pictures: nobody here speaks with words. The graphics are made with an eye on the 16-bit past gaming industry. The combat system constantly pushes you to create combinations and search for new tricks. There are secrets scattered on the map that are not indicated in any way. It happens that a room with the desired item is hidden behind an ordinary wall. The game is divided into several biomes; each adventure ends with a boss fight. But even after that, there will be secrets that will have to come back. You can also always play football with the locals, which is quite interesting.

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