Trailer and abilities of new Genshin Impact character Mika

The next character in the adventure Action RPG Genshin Impact will be Mika. The developers have published a special trailer dedicated to him, and also revealed the exact description of his abilities.

Mika is a four-star Cryo character who fights with polearms. His abilities are as follows:

  • Star Frost Vortex (elemental skill) – Attacks an enemy with a crossbow and imbues nearby active members of your squad with Spirit Wind, which increases their attack speed. With a long press, the way the skill is activated changes.
    • Quick Tap: Fires a blast of frost that pierces enemies, dealing Cryo damage;
    • Long press: Enters aiming mode and fires an Ice Star Beacon at a targeted enemy, dealing Cryo damage. On hit, Froststar Beacon flies into the air and bursts into Froststar Shards that hit up to 3 other enemies and deal Cryo damage.
  • Song of Heavenly Feather (Elemental Blast) – Inspires squadmates with prayers from the Order of Knights and restores health to all nearby squad members, granting them Eagle Feather status. The amount of health restored depends on the max. Miki’s health.
      • Eagle Feather: When Eagle Feather’s normal attacks hit enemies, Micah restores their health in proportion to her own max. health.Characters with this status can only restore health in this way once in a certain period of time.

Micah will become available in the temporary PrayerAll with an increased chance on March 21, 2023. Then it will be transferred to the standard Prayer.

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