Unusual action game Senses will be redone by the end of the year on Android, some are unhappy

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J dIndie developer Icuzo made Senses mobile game about two years ago. The project is pretty primitive: it’s a third-person action game where we play as a ninja. Arcade control, the sound hurts your ears. Now the same developer is going to remake Senses. You can watch the latest gameplay at Reddit… The graphics have become much better compared to the old version: there are shadows, lighting. The character is not in the center of the screen, which annoys some. Plus there is a fish-eye effect. Sounds of nature appeared in the game. The battle has remained the same chaotic: enemies are jumping behind their backs, and as long as you turn to them, an eternity will pass.

Sometimes our hero can switch between different modes. Because of this, the environment becomes more orange or blue for a short time. It is not yet clear what advantage this gives in battle.

Senses will be released on Android. If all goes well, then the release should be expected by the end of 2021. If you want to play the old version, then you need to download through APKPure… The iOS version is still unknown.

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