Video news: Almost Warcraft III on smartphones, almost the announcement of Warcraft Mobile and the launch of Apex Legends Mobile

Video news Almost Warcraft III on smartphones almost the announcement Video news: Almost Warcraft III on smartphones, almost the announcement of Warcraft Mobile and the launch of Apex Legends Mobile

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and in this issue you will learn about the most juicy news of the outgoing week. Yes, recent events have greatly shocked the whole world and the gaming industry is no exception. But we are working as usual and are among the first to tell you what you can play and get a little distracted. Go!

Strategy like Warcraft III and on smartphones

While Blizzard is just about to release Warcraft Mobile, which I will talk about a little later, Game of Legends: Dragons Rise has appeared on mobile phones. It has three factions, among which are orcs on wolves and with red buildings. And you can also move the governor along with the army, watching the battles from a bird’s eye view. Further, you can list the fog of war and leveling up the base, but at this point, elements typical of mobile strategies begin – completing quests, receiving prizes for any sneeze, and increasing the overall level of account power. But if you have nostalgia for the old Blizzards, be sure to check it out.

When will Blizzard show Warcraft Mobile?

Of course, ActiBlizzard projects from Russia and Belarus are no longer playable, but already in May we should be told the first details about Warcraft Mobile. While we do not even know what genre it will be made in – MMORPG or arcade – it is still unclear. One way or another, this year can already be declared the year of the Military Craft, because on March 15th the publisher will announce the first three expansions for Hearthstone and give Alterac Divided card backs for watching the competitions for this TCG on YouTube. Well, before the announcement of mobile Warcraft, we will know about the new expansion for World of Warcraft, it will happen on April 19th.

Honkai: Star Rail can be tested for a long time, but not for everyone

The creators of Genshin Impact are collecting applications for the Galaxy Explorer program, which includes several beta tests. In fact, this is an insider pass in Honkai: Star Rail, operating in parallel with the usual CBT. If you sign up before March 14th, you can participate in a small launch of Star Rail. The main thing is to spend up to 10 minutes filling out an application and stock up on a medium-sized smartphone, be it iOS or Android. Honkai: Star Rail will appeal to all fans of Genshin, because, unlike Honkai Impact 3rd, it has turn-based battles in a squad of heroes, spacious locations and a mixture of futurism with the Victorian era. We are waiting for more information from MiHoVerse.

We catch Transformers in the vastness of Japan and not only

Transformers Alliance augmented reality game released in Japan. In essence, you catch the Autobots on the streets of your city and fight the Decepticons. The battles are turn-based and for permanent victories you need to study the moveset of each robot and collect equipment, although no one forbids winning at the expense of rarer characters. Of the pluses, I’ll note the introductory introduction with screaming Autobots led by Optimus Prime himself, it’s a pity in Japanese. As for the battles, they last one and a half minutes, and between them it will be necessary to build a base with the ability to raid enemy structures. Of the minuses, I will mention the graphics and models of the Autobots without any hint of modern chipsets.

Soul developers against donat and grind

Not every mobile developer can say that they are infuriated by battle passes, ads, and long upgrade times in modern projects. But the creators of Soul heard gamers and now they are making it for iOS and Android. It will be exclusive to the TapTap platform, which lately does not equal high quality. So far, we have a small trailer with a couple of screenshots. The developers say that it is difficult for them to design, but thanks to modern technologies, we will get a modern picture. Interestingly, the players will act as NPCs, and all items can be knocked out and sold through the market. We are waiting for more news.

Apex Legends Mobile has the same graphics as consoles

Electronic Arts has released a regional version of Apex Legends Mobile and surprised us with a picture from the very beginning. At this stage, the game already has all the Legends that were in the main game before Season 3. Legends can be unlocked by upgrading your profile, thereby accumulating the required amount of in-game currency. The only pity is that the average match lasts about 16 minutes, especially if you want to take first place. On the other hand, Apex Legends mobile doesn’t feel stripped down and offers the same experience as the original. If you want to have time to try the game in person, run for the APK file on our website, by the way, this time IOS users can also play.

Brawl Stars can no longer be played from Russia and Belarus

The publisher Supercell decided to disconnect players from Russia and Belarus from their projects, and Brawl Stars was included in the list. Videos with crying buzzers have already appeared on the Internet, but nothing can be done – due to the tense situation in the world, it is still impossible to play Pokemon and Dead by Daylight Mobile. And even if you download the same Brawl Stars via TapTap with a VPN connected, you will not be able to log into your account. Even F2P projects that were not removed from the App Store and Google Play turned out to be cut off, because you can’t donate and watch ads in them. We described how to live during restrictions in a separate article, and for iOS and Android.

NetEase Games launched cool racing in Asia

Ace Racer is an Asian project that first came out in China and now has an English version in the Philippines. The game attracts with manual control and cool graphics, although already on the first tracks you are knocked down and pushed onto the fences, which results in a quick breakdown. The project is tailored for PvP races, and there are several modes, one of which is racing in the 5v5 format. The good news is that the cars are futuristic and licensed, so prepare a driver’s license and choose Volkswagen, BMW and other brands, it’s free, at least in the beginning.

And that’s all for me, dear friends! Thank you for watching, if you liked it, support us with a like, comment and don’t forget to subscribe. I wish you a peaceful sky over your head and lamp evenings playing mobile games. See you soon!

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