Voice chat is finally available for Russian players Valorant

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After the release of the multiplayer first-person shooter Valorant, many Russian players criticized the project for the lack of voice chat. When users from all over the world could easily coordinate actions, we had to be content with just text.

Apparently, the developers managed to solve the problems and now, with the release of update 2.11, voice chat has become available to players from Russia. This change is not indicated in the official patch notes, but it was confirmed by game producer Sarah Dadafshar on her personal Twitter account.

Update 2.11 did not make many changes and is a kind of “calm before the storm on the eve of Episode 3”, as the developers put it. The update slightly improved performance and fixed some bugs. By the way, we are currently giving away three sets of 1000 VALORANT Points on the MMO13 portal in honor of the next episode.

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