Wasteland 2 – Who are Robert and Katie Bowling

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Inside the Citadel, you can find Robert Bowling, who offers handcrafted weapons for sale. While the stats and prices seem tantalizing, their actual combat value is close to zero due to constant interference. You can tell Captain Mercapane about Bowling, who will throw him in jail. You can then visit him there and he will ask you to deliver a letter to his sister Katie at the Railroad Nomad Camp. If you don’t Tell Bowling, you can get information from him about why he needs the money he gets from selling faulty weapons if you use the right dialogue options. Then he will give you a letter to his sister. If you keep raising the issue, you can convince him to leave his practice and go back to Cathy (then you won’t need to take her letter).

Deploy your group before the fight with Pitbull

At the Iron Nomad Camp, go to Katie. Depending on what happened before, she would be there alone or with Robert. You will learn that Katie has been enslaved by Pitbull of the Red Scorpions, who will soon come for her. When he arrives, you will have three options to choose from. You can buy Cathy for $500, let him take her, or (if Robert is there, you’ll have to fight him) or kill PitBull. The fight with Pitbull can be problematic due to the grenades he uses. You are in a narrow railway car, so you have nowhere to hide. Also, a grenade can easily kill Kathy and/or Robert (not to mention party members) and you won’t see a happy ending. The best thing to do is, before starting a conversation with Cathy, spread out your party to the corners of the car and leave one character in the middle, preferably with the highest Initiative. Start a dialogue as this character. Then you won’t be grouped together and not everyone will kill you with one grenade. Stepping back from the center, quickly, like the character who started the conversation. Kathy and Robert must be out of the grenade blast radius. Try to kill the PitBull as quickly as possible and feel free to use automatic weapon modes or explosives (just make sure you don’t hurt either Katie or Roberta).

What happens to Pitbull affects the events in the prison. Most of the locals will be glad to see him dead and they will free the rest of the slaves. At the same time, you will anger the rest of the red scorpions who will seek revenge.

Alternative solutions:

  • Kill the Pitbull in the prison before delivering the letter to Cathy. This way you can tell her right away that Pitbull is dead and she’s free.

Regarding quests:

  • Robert Bowling sells illegal weapons;

  • Take Robert Bowling’s letter to his sister Kathy at the Iron Nomad Camp.


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