Watch Dogs 2 – How to complete Driver San Francisco quest

The Driver SF app has been on Markus’ phone since the beginning

The Driver San Francisco quest consists of small quests related to the Driver SF app found on Markus’ phone. Basically, these are taxi quests that work in the same way as Uber (they get to the client who ordered the trip and bring him to the goal). Quests are divided into unique (such as jumping for Liv Daredevil) and repetitive (such as transporting client X to location Y before the time runs out).

Note. The order of the missions is random. If you are not interested, wait until they are replaced. The same applies if you have completed all the missions from the list – more will be added soon.

Currently available missions can be viewed from the phone or activated by clicking on the markers on the map. Each completed task brings money (up to $ 9600) and subscribers (up to 11,000 fans), and the amount received depends on your performance (that is, how many stars you received from the client – up to 5 stars). There are also some additional rewards – here is a list of them:

New subscribers for 10, 21, 35, 50 stars respectively.

Note – Unlock Engine Override before continuing with Driver San Francisco missions. In addition, most quests prefer fast cars, so this type of car is always on hand.

Here is a list of unique (yellow) and recurring (green) Driver SF missions.

Unique mission – Fragile Cargo

It’s better to stay away from other cars so you don’t risk an accident.

Your client needs her precious cargo to be transported in a truck very carefully (using a truck is mandatory, you cannot use your own vehicle). During the trip, avoid collision with other cars and almost everything that could be found on the road. Also remember that the truck doesn’t break down as much as a regular V6 coupe, so every turn needs to be planned ahead. After reaching the goal, park the track in the indicated place and get off.

Unique missions – Daredev! L Live! and Liv again

Make a long jump from each ramp

In both missions, Liv will want you to make spectacular jumps as much as possible. Choose a vehicle that is easy and quick to handle and make sure you have a full set of botnets to enable nitro. Follow the route shown on the mini-map and only focus on making long jumps after entering the ramps along the way. Before each jump, make a serious acceleration and keep an eye on other cars. After all the jumps are done, travel to Liv to your destination.

Unique mission – Auto-nomous!

Pass through checkpoints

The quest giver wants Markus to participate in three different autonomous vehicles. Get a good car for the task, but make sure it’s easy to handle. Remember to focus on driving through checkpoints. Use nitro if necessary to avoid being overtaken by autonomous vehicles.

Unique mission – just make a living

This quest has an atypical ending. You must deliver Roman to the place he has chosen. When you get to your destination, it turns out that he is one of the taxi drivers unhappy with the Driver SF competition. Marcus will be attacked and he must escape. The rules are identical to the police chase – lose your tail due to fast driving or environmental hacking.

Note. Don’t strain yourself to get the full number of stars as it’s not possible. You will receive one star regardless of the direction of the mission.

Unique mission – payback

You can hide in an alley and wait until the police complete their search.

This quest will appear in the Driver SF list when you complete the one above. Ian will ask Marcus to return the stolen car. Visit all the places shown until you find the car. The vehicle will soon explode and a police pursuit will begin. Release the chase and wait in cover until the cops stop their search. When the heat subsides, take Ian to your house.

Unique Mission – HAUM Dirty Laundry

Elena must be delivered to two different locations.

The mission will only be available after you complete the main mission Haum Sweet Haum. Your client will be an employee of Haum Electronics and your task will be to find some decent set of wheels first. What for? Because this mission will help you move fast. Elena needs to be taken to two places immediately – first to the clothing store and then to the WKZ station. On your way, avoid collisions and don’t forget to use nitro whenever you can.

Unique Mission – Paranoid

During the mission, you will be chasing a drone, and since most of this trip will be off-road, you must first find a vehicle suitable for such pursuits. The main character will have to keep up with the drone until it eventually collapses.

Unique Mission – Gone Phishing

The mission starts as usual, but most of it will require you to follow two boats, which must be done by driving off-road and on the beaches. Find a car that can take some dirt or you will lose boats. One more thing, try to avoid people enjoying a walk on the beach, right?

Shared Missions – Attack Time

Use fast cars

This is the most common of the Driver SF missions. Marcus has to get to the location indicated by the client as soon as possible. Use a good sports car, activate the nitro on the straights and avoid being hit by other cars or stationary elements.

Shared Missions – Exploring areas on the map

Stay in each blue area until the search is complete

The client can ask Marcus to explore the blue areas on the San Francisco map (for example, find a lost robot). Don’t forget to use a fast car and activate nitro when needed. Try to avoid any run-ins with the law, as they may interrupt your search in this area of ​​the city.

Shared Missions – Slow Trips

Choose an average car to complete your cruise

Some clients may require a slow cruise to their chosen destination. For such a task, be sure to choose a medium machine. The main advantage of this approach is that even at full speed you will still be “below” the limit. Some quests may even “impose” an economical car on you. Remember to avoid driving too slowly, as you may lose a few stars from your class before you reach your goal.

Shared Missions – Maintaining a Steady Pace

One of the hardest Driver SF quests – to get the highest score, you need to constantly keep the speed meter shown in the upper left corner of the screen (screenshot above). Pick an average car so you can pick up speed if needed. Focus during tight turns to avoid collision with another car or environmental element. Plan such maneuvers in advance and shorten your course if possible.

General missions – Do not exceed the damage limit

Avoid exceeding the damage limit

The client can ask Marcus for safer driving, which means avoiding exceeding the “damage limit”. To collect a full set of stars, you need to reach your destination within a reasonable amount of time, but be careful to avoid major collisions along the way. For such missions, choose a car that is easy to drive.


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