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Who is better to play 1v1 in Dota 2 Red Bull River Runes

This mod was created in order to make the 1v1 mode dynamic.

The first big difference from regular 1v1 Dota 2 is that in R1v1r Runes both players start at level 6. This leads to the fact that many standard 1v1 heroes lack overclocking.

Which heroes are better suited to play in the mid lane in this tournament and why?


“If you are aggressive and plan to destroy your opponent, then we definitely recommend choosing the hero Luna. Your task is to quickly destroy enemy creeps and try to shed first blood, gaining an advantage in which the enemy cannot seize the initiative in the game. The hero has a bottle, Ward and Daguerre. To this set, you need to buy Wraith Band, Faerie Fire and a “twig”.

  • We set the Ward in advance in order to see the enemy base and pump the hero as follows: 3-1-1-1.
  • We throw the first bi at a distant creep and kill enemy creatures with an automatic attack, if possible, losing health, we drink a bottle between blows.
  • We give the second bi on the hero when the death of the creep is close.
  • After that, we go to the enemy base with our own and use the “ul”. With proper execution and the sluggishness of the opponent, you should succeed. This tactic has been tested 5 times and has always been successful.”


“The hero is unique and rather difficult to control. Pumping at the start of 2-3-0-1 will allow you to aggressively and quickly make a kill. This may be the shortest draw ever. In addition to standard artifacts, purchase artifacts from HP. You can always surprise your opponent with Dismember and Rod of Atos.

With such a set of artifacts (and with a Daguerre) you don’t have to rely on the accuracy of the hook. You will start with “ul” and then continue with the odd one. Don’t forget that if you fail a kill or get hit back by the enemy’s ul, you will lose an equal amount of HP, but the enemy’s hero will regenerate himself during the ult. You can use this nuance and not start the attack first, but calculate your health.

Control the creep and try to help yourself with Rod of Atos, as only you can affect the health of enemy creeps. Use this to outsmart the enemy. And so, the standard: runes, killing creeps, runes, killing the enemy, victory.


“I give my preference to Phoenix. This character is cool with his periodic damage, with which you can “pressure” the enemy, push the lane and farm the jungle.

  1. He also has a lot of kill potential thanks to the fact that we immediately have in our arsenal “ul”, which will allow us to play aggressively. At the same time, “ul” can always be used for defensive purposes if the enemy follows you deep into the tower.
  2. Phoenix has quite a strong attack with standard attacks, so it shouldn’t be difficult to finish off dill if you played it before. We supplement the main purchase with two branches and Faerie Fire, “ride” according to the 1-3-1-1 scheme, and go to war!

I’ll say the obvious thing right away: it’s important to finish off a ranged creep from the first pack. Therefore, do not be afraid to use Fire Spirits on the first wave in order to pierce the enemy with three charges, and leave the fourth charge on the ranged creep, while striking from the hand. In case the enemy hero has received a good portion of damage, you can aggressively fly around, slow down with Icarus Dive, and try to kill him right under the tower with Supernova, having previously drained the enemy by health with Sunray. In case of failure, you can take the risk and finish off the enemy between the towers if the enemy reloads the “ul”.

In my practice of testing all heroes, this happened, Ward helped me, which I placed between T1 and T2 towers. If you have played Phoenix a lot in normal Dota 2 (especially in position 3), then you should understand the strength of this character and you will be forgiven.”


“Playing as Miran, you need a Ward in the center that can see the rune. You also need to choose a 3-2-1 build, Wraith Band, Faerie Fire and twigs. The main thing is to break through to the opponent in a timely and high-quality way before the runes appear. Upon reaching level 7, you can try to go on the attack and kill the enemy. It is better to strike from the rear. To get closer, use Daguerre and try to give a double starstorm.

Queen of Pain

“We take QoP, because we want to play a normal game with pushing buttons, and not poke each other with spears until we lose our pulse. Since we are playing with the sixth level, the situation escalates a lot, because the health in QoP is low, and the hits are strong. It is for this reason that it is worth paying great attention to high-quality warding at the start in order to have complete information about the state of health of the enemy. The main concept is the ability to squander the opponent to the maximum with a dagger and finish him off with Ulti. You can even buy a Blight Stone to make your hand attack even stronger.”


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