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Wolfenstein: Youngblood – What are the coins for?

We recommend that the coins we collect be spent on upgrading our weapons. For each weapon, you can install several different upgrades, which, for example, can improve the amount of damage dealt or the accuracy of attacks. Each upgrade usually costs a few hundred coins, but luckily you can buy them one by one and only run with partially upgraded weapons initially.

Another equally interesting application for coins is the purchase of doping, that is, new battle cries (Pep Signals). We remind you that each cry has a regenerating, protective or supportive effect. For example, it can restore some of the lost health/armor, or ensure it deals double damage. Moreover, both sisters can be doped if they were standing close to each other when they were activated. Unfortunately, the best deals can cost over 1000 coins, but in turn, they can offer the best bonuses.

Another idea is to spend cash to buy boosters. They come in three types – they can temporarily double ammo, health or armor. Each booster runs for 10 minutes, so you can get the most out of it by joining raids, which are long and difficult missions.

This also applies to the situation in which you put on a helmet – this does not increase the protective capabilities. Buy a skin only if you have already made the most important purchases and want to stand out. However, you should know that the most unique skins are the most expensive at the same time.

The situation looks the same in the case of weapon skins. They also do not affect the statistics of any weapons, but simply allow you to travel with an interesting type of weapon. Ignore these purchases if you still haven’t received the most important weapon upgrades or war shouts.


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