World War Z – Tips for Getting Started

image7 4 World War Z - Tips for Getting Started

World War Z is a game very similar to the Left 4 Dead series and is all about close 4-man collaboration (which is especially important at higher difficulty levels), further enriched by the introduction of a class system. In this chapter, you will find some tips that will be useful for both beginners and more experienced.

Refill ammo regularly

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You will always have a mini-map at your disposal. There you will find (marked in red) the directions from which enemies will approach, giving you time to prepare. You can also check the location of your allies on the minimap – they are marked with blue dots.

Look for new pieces of equipment

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During each mission, you will come across numerous equipment chests – inside you can find first aid kits, explosives, and new weapons. New weapons can also be found outdoors. You should keep an eye on new gear and change your weapons as needed, such as when the weapon you are currently using doesn’t suit your playstyle.

Use silenced weapons whenever you have a chance

Спокойное уничтожение врагов позволит вам избежать Ð±Ð¾Ñ ÑŒÑˆÐ¸Ð¼Ð¸ группами зомби.  - Советы World War Z Guide - World War Z Guide

Calmly destroying enemies will allow you to avoid fighting large groups of zombies. Thanks to silenced weapons, you will be able to avoid unnecessary collisions with enemies – enemies cannot hear shots from such weapons, and most of them will die from a single headshot. Using a “regular” weapon makes a lot of noise that will draw the attention of nearby enemies.

Shoot Accurately

Ammo is valuable in the game, especially on higher difficulty levels, and you shouldn’t waste ammo on single enemies. Short, accurate shots and focusing on the heads of your opponents will allow you to quickly eliminate enemies and save a lot of precious ammo.

Save explosives for groups of enemies

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During each mission, you will encounter the Swarm at least once, a huge swarm of zombies that often reaches thousands of enemies. You must save explosives for encounters with Swarms (you will often find containers used to replenish explosives in places where Swarm spawns) – each of them will allow you to take out several enemies at the same time.

Explosives are also extremely effective when used indoors – in tunnels or inside buildings. One accurate grenade, C4 or Molotov cocktail is enough to destroy a dozen enemies.

Play as a team

World War Z is a game that requires the close cooperation of all 4 team members. You will not be able to act on your own, away from your companions – you will either run out of ammo, be surrounded by a huge group of ordinary zombies, or be caught by a special enemy (Creeper or Bull), which will require the help of an ally. Move in a group to quickly and effectively destroy enemies.

Help wounded allies

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As soon as an ally’s health points drop to 0, the character will fall. Other teammates will be able to approach the fallen person and “revive” him/her. The time and number of reanimations of an ally is limited, it decreases as the difficulty level increases (in Instane, the character dies after one knockdown).

Beware of special zombies

Жнец / Люркер - один из Ð¾Ñ Ð¾Ð±Ñ‹Ñ… врагов.  - Советы World War Z Guide - World War Z Guide

There are several special enemies in the game that are very different from regular zombies. At the moment it is:

  • Reaper – The enemy moves on all fours and pounces on the player if they are close enough. His attack knocks you down – the enemy will constantly deal damage and you will need the help of an ally to escape from his clutches.
  • The Bull is a heavily armored enemy that attacks the player, catches and pushes the character into the ground. The enemy will repeat the process until the player dies. The help of allies is necessary in order to avoid capture by the enemy. The enemy is fully armored – the only weak points are his back and head.
  • Hazmat is the most commonly encountered Special Enemy, easily identified by his yellow outfit. This enemy releases a cloud of poisonous gas that damages players. If an enemy dies from a headshot, the cloud will not spawn.
  • The screamer is a peculiar enemy, and his only task is to scream. The scream draws the attention of all nearby enemies – taking out the enemy quickly is crucial to prevent them from drawing the zombie horde to you.

Check out all the classes in the game

Each player can choose from several character classes, each one different from the other. You can find classes that focus on dealing damage with firearms or melee attacks, especially effective at crowd control, as well as two support classes that focus on keeping the team alive. You should check out all the classes and choose the one that best suits your play style.

Choose your class depending on the needs of the team

World War Z is a game that requires close cooperation of all team members, which also manifests itself in character classes. If the team lacks a damage dealing class, don’t choose a medic/assistant, and if the rest of the team is focused on dealing damage, you should consider choosing a support class. This can seriously affect the successful completion of the mission.

Note – the number of kills you get during a mission does not affect the amount of experience points you get at the end.

Upgrade your weapon

Every weapon in the game can be upgraded. This is done simply by using a special firearm – killing enemies gives you experience points. As soon as the level of the weapon increases, you can choose a modification for the firearm – to increase accuracy, controllability, the number of bullets in the magazine, or the damage dealt.

Remember that you can practice alone, offline

Even though World War Z is an online game, you can play offline freely with AI controlled bots. Offline mode is a good method of learning the game – the bots won’t rush you. What’s more, bots are effective up to Hard difficulty, which makes this method a good learning tool up to level 15-20.

Instead of destroying automated turrets, hack them

During certain missions, you will encounter hostile robotic turrets that will shoot at everything they can see – both the undead and you. You can destroy these towers, but you can also approach them from behind and hack them. The latter will allow you to take control of the turret and use it against the zombies.

Destroy special enemies by shooting them in the head

Usually, killing a Hazmat special zombie will cause it to release a poisonous cloud that deals continuous damage to you and your allies. You can prevent this by killing the zombies with a headshot – this way the enemy will not release a deadly gas cloud.

Look for Breaching Charges

Breaching Charges are special items that can be found in the game. Breaching Charges can be used to open closed passages and entrances, behind which you will find valuable items and high-level weapons, giving you an advantage over zombies.

If you don’t have enough explosives, shoot the first enemy in the Zombie Swarm

Zombie swarms appear at critical moments during missions, most of the time when you need to defend a point. They will try to rise to a certain point, creating a pyramid-like structure. If you don’t have enough explosives, you can kill the zombies located at the base of the pyramid, causing the entire “structure” to collapse, giving you some time.

Do not play higher difficulty levels if you are unable to complete them.

The game gives access to 5 difficulty levels – easy, normal, hard, very hard and insane. Higher difficulty levels offer better rewards – more experience and consumables – but also make the game much more difficult. Don’t play on higher difficulties (especially Very Hard and Insane) if you don’t have experience with the game and don’t have a properly developed character – otherwise you will be wasting time both on yourself and on your allies.


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