Wrestling Rumble: PRO Fighting released

Wrestling Rumble: PRO Fighting released on iOS. It’s arcade wrestling with physics but no familiar faces.

Wrestling Rumble: PRO Fighting is an arcade wrestling game that has appeared on the App Store. It has acceptable models of athletes, although there are no Undertaker, John Cena and other stars among them. Interestingly, during the fight, you can do super-hits, for example, jump high and hit the enemy with a metal chair.

In Wrestling Rumble, battles take a few minutes. They are presented in the form of levels where four or more fighters can fight simultaneously in the ring. And each of them has their own way to go on stage: some on foot, and some on a motorcycle or even a car. Unfortunately, they only control the fighter during solo fights, before that we just enjoy the show. Fighting outside the ring seems to be impossible, throwing an opponent there too. You also need to pump the character, he has all two stats – strength and health. The disadvantage is the interface, which looks unfinished for the iPhone.

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