Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones feature various improvements over last year’s Galaxy S20 series, including a new unique design, faster processor, variable high refresh rate screen and a larger fingerprint scanner. They have the potential to be the best smartphones in 2021. However, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + are missing some features, which are critical for some users

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung has also stopped bundling its new flagship smartphones with some accessories, which may end up being a reason for abandoning a purchase for some Galaxy fans… We’ve rounded up the top reasons people might not buy the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + and instead continue to use their existing Galaxy device.

1. No slot for microSD memory card

The MicroSD card slot offers an affordable way to expand the storage on your smartphone. By purchasing a microSD card, you can swap it and use it in other phones, cameras, tablets and laptops. It is also a good way to store and transfer data. Samsung was one of the few smartphone brands to offer a microSD card slot for high-end smartphones. Starting with Galaxy S21 series, this manufacturer removed the microSD card slot from their high-end phones’ specs. Likely, the company will not offer it in its future flagship smartphones either.

If you want a smartphone with a microSD card slot for expanding storage, then you should stay away from the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 +.

2. No 3.5mm headphone jack

While truly wireless earbuds have improved dramatically over the past few years and offer a wide range of features, audiophiles still prefer the wired option. They are also supported by those who are annoyed by the need to charge wireless headphones constantly. Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + no 3.5mm headphone jack… If you like wired headphones, this is a reason to skip buying the latest high-end Samsung smartphones. In the future, the company may abandon dedicated headphone jacks on mid-range phones.

3. No major camera improvements

While the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera significantly improves its zoom and macro capabilities over the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + use the same camera hardware as their predecessors. Both are equipped with 10MP selfie cameras with dual-pixel autofocus and 4K 60fps video recording and triple cameras (12MP + 12MP + 64MP) on the rear.

I wish Samsung had offered ultra-wide-angle autofocus for macro photography and a better telephoto lens, but we have what we have. If you are a Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20 + user and expect a significant camera upgrade with Samsung’s latest flagship phones, leave those hopes behind and don’t buy the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 +. And if you are using an older Galaxy S phone and can find an S20 or S20 + at a low price, then you are better off choosing one of these phones, especially since they will get most of the Galaxy S21 camera features through software updates and are eligible for upgrades to Android 13 as announced by the manufacturers.

4. There is no charger and earphones included

After the community ridiculed Apple four months ago for not including a charger with the iPhone 12, Samsung has decided to follow Apple’s lead with its latest high-end phones. The company announced that the Galaxy S21 series wouldn’t have any charger in the retail box, no headphones. This may not be the main reason you shouldn’t buy a new phone, but you should remember that you will have to spend extra money on top of the device’s price to get accessories that match the quality of what Samsung has been offering over the years. Complete with their flagships.

5. Plastic back cover Galaxy S21

Last year, the Galaxy S20 had a Gorilla Glass 6 back panel to protect the phone from scratches. Samsung has lowered the requirements for the Galaxy S21 this year. Using plastic on the back – this is probably how manufacturers tried to reduce production costs. If you want your phone to have a glass back, that’s beautiful, durable and stylish, and then the Galaxy S21 series may not be for you.

There is also the Galaxy S20 FE

We left that for last because the Galaxy S20 FE is technically an older device, but it’s too early to discount it, especially if you want to save some money and get a smartphone that matches the new phones in many ways. The S20 FE has a high refresh rate display, almost the same camera hardware capabilities, excellent battery life with ultra-fast charging, high performance whether you buy the option Exynos 990 or Snapdragon 865, and even a microSD slot. It has specs like stereo speakers, IP68 water and dust resistance, and a promise from the manufacturer to get three OS updates. So it really is a flagship, even if it’s not as functional as the S21 and S21 +.


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