A new Sura class has been added to Black Desert Mobile, prizes are given for pumping

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Publisher Pearl Abyss has added another class to Black Desert Mobile. Meet – Sura. Its features: critical damage and dash to the enemy. His attacks do AoE damage, so it is convenient to clear packs of mobs with him. This is a melee class that uses a katana. Ability “Blinding Slash” allows you to quickly reach the enemy, deal damage and stun him. The ability “Shadow Break” is about the same, only we cut through the flesh of the enemy and teleport behind him; plus the ability reduces the opponent’s attack and armor.

Pearl Abyss is currently hosting an event. Adventurers need to craft a Sura and level him up to level 70. For this you can get a Desert Suit, 1,000 units of black pearls, a coupon for creating a level 60 hero, and more. The event will run until 23:59 on June 7th.

Also, if you are a newbie or are returning to Black Desert Mobile after a long downtime, then know: until an indefinite time in the game, you can receive rewards for each sneeze. The conditions are as follows:

  • Players who created a clan after midnight on May 12th
  • Players with more than 14 days of last login

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