Age of Ashes ported to Xbox Series X|S

19620 Age of Ashes ported to Xbox Series X|S

Playwing has partnered with Microsoft to announce that Century: Age of Ashes is coming to the Xbox Series X|S. The game is available for free download through the Microsoft Store and supports cross-platform multiplayer and cross-progression.

“We are thrilled to see Century: Age of Ashes spread its wings for the first time on next-gen consoles. Players will scream with excitement as they experience the thrill of flying the dragon with the full power of Xbox Series X|S and take on players around the world,” said Laurent Denis, Head of Product Marketing.

On March 14, Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscribers will be able to download the Hjørrani Savannah Bundle for free. It includes 500 gems, a 14-day experience booster, and the epic dragon Hjørrani Savannah.

In the coming months, the developers are going to release new content for Century: Age of Ashes, as well as launch the first season. The game will add a fourth class of riders, temporary events, a new mode, as well as additional cosmetic items.


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