Anthem Restart Canceled – Bioware Will Focus On Other Games

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The multiplayer third-person shooter Anthem turned out to be a real failure and did not succeed among the players. In February last year, the developers decided not to abandon the project and announced a full-fledged restart, codenamed Anthem Next.

Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, we won’t see a new version of Anthem. Bioware announced that it is stopping the game’s development due to the difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic and the desire to focus on other projects such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

“We believed in Anthem every step of the way, spent almost a decade on this game and are proud of the work the team has done,” said EA studio chief Laura Miley. “Since release two years ago, the BioWare team has listened to feedback and made improvements. However, 2020 and 2021 are unprecedented years for game development, so we should prioritize both the experience of the players and what is best for the people working on those games. We want to make sure BioWare can focus on making the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect games the best possible. ”

As for the original Anthem, there are no plans to shut down its servers yet.

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