According to the Telegraph, Apple partners that supply their products to Apple retail and online stores have been forced to accept stricter terms to sell their products. The companies claim to have squeezed them under these new conditions.

Apple sells third-party accessories and products through its retail and online stores. This includes iPhone cases, smart home accessories, Mac peripherals, and more. These companies are subject to the new Apple Store terms.

The Telegraph writes that suppliers of goods now have to wait 60 days after completing an order before being paid. Earlier it was about 45 days. Companies are now also required to adopt a “consignment model,” which means they “get paid only after the product is sold, not after Apple receives it.”

Apple chokes Apple Store suppliers with new terms

Vendors say they’ve been able to negotiate these terms with Apple in the past. However, this time, the terms are said to have been “set by Apple and not negotiable.” This ensures that all suppliers now meet the same conditions.

One company that sells products in an Apple store stated: “They do not provide any services to their partners; their suppliers are facing monetary problems. ”

The Telegraph adds that suppliers are unlikely to terminate their contracts with Apple in light of these new terms. Apple Stores provide more visibility and brand awareness than other retail and online channels.

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