Battlefield 1 – How to control a tank?

In this chapter you will find tips for driving a tank. It has been divided into tank types because each vehicle requires learning different habits and rules.


In Battlefield 1, as a tank driver, you can repair your vehicle yourself. To do this, you must hold the button that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. This takes 5 seconds and restores 20 points of damage. However, if an enemy hits your car during the repair, the operation will be cancelled. Also, you cannot control the tank during this time.

If you respawn in a tank as a mechanic, you will be equipped with a key. You can use it to fix the tank if you’re not in it. It’s faster than repairing as a driver, and it doesn’t get canceled when the car is hit. Use it whenever the tank is immobilized. The enemy can leave it when they see that you have left it.

The shooters in tanks can have very good results - Tanks - Advice - Battlefield 1 Game Guide

Both heavy and light tanks are equipped with a cannon and grape shot. The cannon is more effective when it comes to destroying enemy vehicles, and the grape shot is good against infantry. Don’t forget to save the cannon bullets, because the enemy tank can suddenly appear, and when it does, ammo will be very much needed.

Change the position of the passenger

Shooters in tanks can have very good results. Change of position is a key aspect for them. The position can be changed while riding. On PC, this can be done using the F1-F6 keys, on PS4 using the “X” button, and on XONE using the “A” button. Change your position while riding to kill as many enemies as possible. Sometimes you have to look back, because an assault class soldier can run to the vehicle with dynamite at any moment.

Heavy tank

Stay frontally towards the battlefield - Tanks - Advice - Battlefield 1 Game Guide

The biggest disadvantage of a heavy tank is the inability to move the barrel around the tank. This can be done to a very limited extent. Because of this, you must constantly keep this in mind and be directed forward towards the battlefield. If you retreat, do so in reverse, even if you have poor visibility of the area in front of you.

Don’t get too close to the battlefield because it will limit your vision. An assault class soldier can easily run towards you with dynamite and you won’t be able to shoot him. However, moving towards the center of the fights will be very effective if you have at least two shooters.

You can easily use a heavy tank if you don’t have shooters. However, if you drive with arrows, you are much more efficient. If you have three shooters, one on each side, you can drive to the center of the fights, for example, to the transmitter. In haste mode, this tactic is most effective because the enemies concentrate on the tank and often, even if the tank is destroyed, the transmitter is blown up and the team benefits from it.

Mark V

Never ride alone - Tanks - Advice - Battlefield 1 Game Guide

In this tank, the driver does not have access to the cannon – only to machine guns, which are effective against infantry. Because of this, the first rule of using the Mark V is to only enter it with other players. They will have access to 57mm cannons on the sides, with which they can attack enemy tanks. If you are traveling alone, you are almost helpless.

Use both heavy machine guns

As a driver, you have access to one machine gun in the front and one in the back of the vehicle. Remember to check back frequently as there is no room for the shooter.

If you’re alone, switch places

From the first moment you learned not to drive this tank alone, but sometimes you still have to do it. In this case, when you have to fight an enemy tank, position yourself in front of him so that both cannons can hit him. During the fight, change your positions and shoot him once with one cannon and once with the second. This is not an ideal tactic, but the only effective one in such a situation.

From the first point you learned not to drive this tank alone, but sometimes you will be forced to do it anyway - Tanks - Advice - Battlefield 1 Game Guide

light tank

Play aggressively - Tanks - Advice - Battlefield 1 Game Guide

Even though a light tank has the same weapons as a heavy tank, the tactics you have to use are completely different. You have to move a lot more because the armor is thinner and you can be immobilized before doing anything. Use the biggest advantage of this machine – its mobility. Drive aggressively to a place where there are many enemies, kill a few of them and immediately return to a safe place where you can fix your car.

If you encounter a heavy tank at short range, you can win with it using special tactics. Just drive really close and position yourself behind or to the side of the enemy so he can’t hit you. Outrun him until you destroy him.


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