Best home and builder villages in Clash of Clans up to level 6

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We recently wrote a short guide about Clash of Clans. This article is dedicated to protecting our villages. We can equip the main base for different types of defense, there are four of them: defense, farming, for clan wars (KV) and a hybrid that combines the first and the second. In the builder’s village, everything is easier, there we are focused only on protection. More specifically, the fewer stars the attacker picks up, the more chances you have of winning the duel.

Entire sites are dedicated to village layouts, players invent something new every day, and modify the old. Each level of the Town Hall has its own tactics, because you will have a different number of buildings and walls at your disposal. Let’s take a closer look at the types of different constellations. As we understood them, there are only four:

  • Defense – this type is needed in order to gain more cups. This is due to the fact that you do not care about resources, the main task is to prevent the enemy from gaining stars. Thus, cups are awarded to you, for this you need a defensive type.
  • Farm – this type is designed to save resources. All your defenses will be built so that you can save as many storage and mining structures as possible.
  • Hybrid – This formation combines two types at once: defense and farming. To some extent, some of your resources will be saved, but there is also the possibility that you can earn cups.
  • KV – this type is designed for effective protection during a war with another clan. We can say that it is somewhat reminiscent of the protective type, but there are differences.

Let’s take a look at the best constellations home village and builder villages up to level 6 of the town hall.

Home village

Level 3

With such an arrangement of the base, you will have a fairly well-defended town hall. In this case, the mortar will be able to attack without any problems, and if the enemy enters from its side, then the guns will be able to take the blow.

4th level

In this arrangement, you have a very well protected mortar, which will cause the most damage to the enemy army, among other things, other defensive structures will actively help it.

Level 5

At this level, you have a sorcerer’s tower that deals massive damage. With such an arrangement, you effectively suppress the enemy’s army, you have a well-protected sorcerer, and it is very difficult to get close to the mortar.

6 level

This arrangement provides effective protection from all sides, and resources are well protected.

Builder’s village

2nd level

In this deployment, your cannons are well protected, and if the enemy army goes through the holes, they will be successfully met by well-placed traps.

Level 3

Well-established layout of the village for a long time. The cannons are well protected, traps and buildings are also well placed.

4th level

This arrangement does its job well, it is difficult for attacking troops to take two stars.

Level 5

In this strategy, you are too difficult to take even 2 stars. Be sure to lower the archer towers.

6 level

Well-proven set-up. There are few minuses in it, and the pluses still outweigh.

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