Beta testing of the new MOBA-TD Skydome will begin in April

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Publisher gamigo has announced a Closed Beta date for a new Tower Defense MOBA called Skydome. You won’t have to wait long – on April 27, the servers will open to select users. To be able to participate, you must submit an application on the official website. If the page does not work, then open it via VPN.

The resulting key must be entered in the Glyph application, from where the beta version will be launched, or on a special page. It should be noted that all the accumulated progress will be deleted when moving to the MBT stage, the date of which has not yet been determined.

Skydome is a custom tower defense MOBA that offers 4 vs 4 battles. Players must assemble a team of heroes to defend their base and crush enemy walls while completing side objectives. Each of the presented characters has a unique set of abilities. After the release, a seasonal ranking system is promised.

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