Black Survival has a big update with a new heroine, skins, ranked season and more

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The popular battle royale Eternal Return: Black Survival from studio Nimble Neuron celebrates the start of the second ranked season. Together with him, a new character appeared in the game and many elements were changed.

The main innovation is the hero Sua – this is a girl who is a librarian by profession, and on the battlefield is a powerful fighter with a two-handed hammer. She is able to summon magic walls, send mythical birds to enemies, apply a shield for protection and dash towards opponents.

Also, the Maid Emma skin was added to the game, the craft tree for target items was improved, the training system was improved, and automatic loot collection appeared. We also added FPS optimizations, reworked almost the entire balance, added features for the “quality of life”, such as additional effects, a more detailed interface, and so on.

These were the major changes. You can find a detailed patch note on the official website of the project.

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