Bravely Default Brilliant Lights release date revealed

Publisher Square Enix has opened pre-registration for Bravely Default Brilliant Lights. When will the project be released?

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights is a new RPG straight from Japan. The game will be released January 27th local time, no time given, but we will release the file for readers as soon as possible. Square Enix announced the release date via Twitter (carefully, hieroglyphs). While the release is scheduled in Asia, there is no word on a global release.

Judging by the guide on the official website, we will be gathering a group of rare anime characters. The player will enter a huge fantasy world, although it will probably not be open. In total, four continents are waiting for us, with their own Mordor and Northrend. More developers will add hub cities, they are capitals; you can move along them purely from point A to point B, without free exploration. Fights will be turn-based with a lot of information about the enemy and your squad.

Of the modes, you should expect the reflection of the waves of the enemy and the dungeon. There can be a maximum of four characters in a group, divided into roles. As for the graphics, they are reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS era. Heroes will have to be upgraded and put on equipment with different levels of rarity. Well, where without professions like alchemy?

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