Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Zombie Achievements

image2 69 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Zombie Achievements

For some this is a good addition, for others not. In the following tutorial, we introduce all the Zombie Modes available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

We will briefly describe how to get specific achievements


  • My home is the arena – we will live to the 20th round without opening the gate. This is one of the most difficult achievements in map IX. The best way is to complete three tasks from any banner and get a modified version of the weapon. Ammunition for it is in the arena, which gives us confidence that we will not be left without cartridges.
  • Capable Opponent – Complete all 9 medallions on the Banner of Trial. After launching the game and breaking the link to the banner, we will get all kinds of challenges. From killing enemies with a blade to surviving a round in a given location.
  • Slaughterhouse – Cut off 13 limbs in a single game of Jamie. This is one of the locations in the game that is underground. There is a table on which the shield is being built. We use the shield’s shooting attack.
  • Like a Hurricane – Defeat all 8 challengers summoned by the gong within 5 minutes. This achievement will require careful study and good score management. We must get to all the towers as quickly as possible and strike the gong.
  • Gift of Serket – Receive the Serket Kiss. This is an improved version of Orion’s Death.

Orion’s Kiss – The Most Powerful Weapon IX

  • Kitty, kitty – Kill a tiger with the help of another tiger thanks to brain destruction. Brain Rot is a special type of ammunition that controls the enemy. Such missiles can be obtained after several upgrades in the Fortifying Machine.
  • Acid Alchemy – Kill an enemy with an acid trap anywhere you can create one. The places where we can build a trap are near the stairs or enter the towers. You will find a way to make a trap in this place.
  • Constellation Complete – Kill 9 zombies with a single shot from the Death of Orion. In the temple, gather a large group of zombies and release a charged shot in small passages.
  • Revered Warrior – Defeat the most venerable opponent. This achievement includes defeating a boss.

Cruise of despair

  • The Hard Attempt is to get the Guardian Artifact. This is the easiest achievement in this scenario. The only step you have to take is to get to the other end of the ship and activate the artifact.
  • For deep water, survive until round 20 without draining the water. This achievement will be unlocked when we don’t empty the hold and engine room. It is enough to avoid these places and try to draw the Kraken from the mysterious box.
  • Hardest Hit – Use a strong hit in every available spot, in a single game.
  • Rock, Paper, Plasma – Kill 9 zombies by blowing up a catalyst in a single game. In subsequent rounds, red zombies will spawn that explode upon being killed. After collecting a large horde of enemies, shoot at the sensitive point of the catalyst, which will blow up the rest.
  • I know – use every fast travel in one game. Portals are located at the stern, in the room of millionaires, in the engine room, in the hold, in the bow and in the boiler room.
  • Give Furnace – Kill 3 smokers in one round by attacking their weak spot. All three smokers can appear only in subsequent rounds. By targeting their red, shiny dots, we will succeed.
  • Traveling Passenger – Spend 5 rounds in a row in the hold. After pumping out the water, we must survive five rounds without leaving the room. We recommend having the upgraded version of Kraken as well as all the skills.
  • I’ll feed you fish – kill 50 underwater zombies in one game. After finding a good weapon, we recommend heading into the hold and killing enemies until you unlock the achievement.
  • Free Kraken – Kill 9 enemies with one shot from the Kraken. In order to complete this achievement, we must acquire the Kraken. Then gather a horde of zombies and shoot a good shot.
  • Leave the deck – finish the test. To unlock this very rare achievement, complete the entire scenario on the map and defeat the boss.

Blood of the Living Dead

  • Paranormal Reanimation – Reanimate another player with a shield. The shield must be charged with at least three zombie souls. Then we use the spectral breath of the fallen comrade.
  • Attention, it will be hot – create Magmogata. To do this, you need to improve Blundergata.
  • Infernal ride – Ride the whole wagon with the chief. We recommend taking a gondola ride from the upper floors of the prisoner to the docks. In the wagon, we can avoid the leader’s attacks by circling him.
  • West or Death – Survive until round 20 without leaving the western part of the island. The task is not to open the door for a walk. We recommend adding some bots to help with the achievement.
  • Awesome gang of violence – kill the maximum number of zombies. He is the savior of hell before he returns. When the one-shot zombie kill bonus is active, we throw the Savior into the previously assembled horde.
  • Gnat-trick – Kill Chief Blundergath, Quasomioth and Magmogath in the same game.
  • For Dog Sausage – Feed the head of a wolf from a car, a citadel and an old industrial building in one game. The wolf heads that appear on the map eat the dead zombies. You have to sniper from the gondola on the way to the headman’s house, from the citadel to the second level of cell blocks and from the old industrial building to the new one.
  • Most escape alive – complete the mission and defeat the boss.


  • Big Multiplier – Reach a multiplier of 100 in Rush of the Living Dead. We recommend buying a shield and upgrading your weapons.
  • A high score is a personal achievement: 250,000 in Assault of the Live Dead.
  • Team Player – Achieve a Team Score of 500,000 in Assault on the Living Dead.
  • Prestige Reward – Reach max level or prestige with 25 different weapons in Zombie Mode.
  • Cat in the poke – Give the Miraculous Weapon from the Mystery Box to the ally who receives it. After you draw your weapon, hit it with your blade, which will allow an ally to pick it up.
  • Slip Master – Use Slip Master to drop 3 meters and kill 10 zombies at the same time. This is one of the rarest achievements. You must have the Master Pipe, Stimulant and Secret Ingredient selected and then buy them all in the Blood of the Living Dead. Above the table in which we build a shield, we throw a monkey that collects zombies and misses.
  • Incurable Atutoholic – Get all the benefits in one game. As we well know, there can only be four chosen trump cards in the machines. However, by assigning an asset called a secret component to a class, we can get all other items not selected in the skills menu.
  • Master of all weapons – advance all 9 special weapons to level 3. Every weapon in the Chaos and Aether scenarios must be upgraded to level 3. This requires about 6-7 weapons.


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