Call of Duty: WW2 – Headquarters: Quartermaster, contracts, fights

Headquarters is a new addition to the Call of Duty series. This is a special area that we can go to from the multiplayer menu. This is the area where we meet other players and interact with NPCs – sort of like the Tower known from Destiny.

After visiting the Headquarters for the first time, you must complete three goals – open the chest (if you opened it earlier in the menu, the goal will be counted), collect your points, and go to Major Howard. You can also use the shooting range on the right side of the starting point.

Below we describe the most important elements.

Orders and contracts

Bounties and Bounties are the best ways to acquire new loot boxes as well as currency to unlock various items in the game.

Contracts are specific objectives that must be completed in multiplayer matches, but the time to complete them is short – usually 10, 20 or 40 minutes.

We can collect orders from the major or directly from the menu. Here we are given goals that must be completed in multiplayer mode, but we have an unlimited amount of time to complete. Order rewards are not just loot boxes – sometimes they can be currency.

One-on-one fights

When we get through the bunker with Major Howard, we’ll get to the beach. On the right, you can go to the board and sign up for a duel with another player.

This is not a team fight. The rivalry lasts up to 3 wins or 4 rounds (in case of a draw). The fight takes place in a small arena.

This is a good way to practice using certain weapons on maps where we fight at close range. At the beginning of the duel, we also choose which set of equipment we will use – each player will receive the same.

Series reward testing

One of the best things about the state is the ability to check each award for a points streak. We can also look at the exact description of each of them.

This is a great solution to allow you to check the streak prizes before you buy them to use in multiplayer. To check out these special attacks and tools, just go to the tower on the edge of the beach (to the left of the duels).

There is also a shooting range on the beach – at the very beginning of the location, to the right of the field post. Unfortunately, we can only check weapons that we have already unlocked, but even that is worth checking out.


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