Call of Duty: WW2 Zombie – how to unlock Pack-A-Punch, how to upgrade your weapons

The Pack-a-Punch car has appeared in Call of Duty co-op mode for many years – it is also present in Zombie mode. It is used to improve equipped weapons for a fee.

However, this device is not marked on the map in any way, and its launch is not the goal of the mission. Therefore, some people completely ignore this machine. But she can help us in the fight against zombies, especially if we improve some decent machine gun.

Pack-a-Punch is in the sewers in the main pillared room. But the device needs to be unlocked first because it is behind bars. Below we will describe the whole unlocking process.

Button (right) and Pack-a-Punch:

How to raise the grate

To get into the sewers, you must, of course, alone or with a team, complete the first few goals of the main task of the Last Reich.

If you’re playing solo, it’s best to kill the zombies in one wave and leave one alive. Leaving your last opponent alive is a good way to get time to look at the map.

In general, you must:

  • Go to the main square.
  • Go through all three pipes.
  • Activate the device in the center.
  • Go to channels and turn on the power.

This way you can open the door leading to the main room in the sewers where Pack-a-Punch is waiting for you. Then press the button next to the lamp. And you will activate the next step on the way to unlocking the car.

Now you need to find three large sewer pipes. One is at the tower, behind the bridge. The second is in the central command room (to the left of the entrance to the morgue), and the third is in the laboratory (entrance opposite the morgue).

You have to go in and out of each pipe. As soon as you land, don’t forget to press each of the three buttons – we’ll see it when we exit the pipe. Pressing all three buttons will raise the grate where the Pack-a-Punch is located.

To upgrade a weapon, approach the car and hold the button indicated on the screen. Of course, nothing is free – weapon upgrades cost 5,000 points.

The weapons that we hold in our hands have been improved. Don’t upgrade it when opponents are attacking – because you won’t be able to use it.


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