Clash of Clans guide for beginners: general tips and descriptions of heroes

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If you are reading this on, then you have already chosen the right direction. In this article, we will talk about the mobile strategy of all time – Clash of Clans. This will be the best beginner’s guide among a bunch of different faqs, and some tips may help more experienced players to more efficiently explore the lands created by Supercell.

A little about Supercell

Supercell was founded in 2010 by Ilkka Paananen and Mikko Kodisoyya. Two “disruptive” creators managed to attract more than 8 billion euros in investments in the first year. The most successful studio projects of all time:

  • HayDay – the studio’s first mobile game, which immediately made her famous. It stayed in the top of the App Store and Play Market for over 2.5 years and was the most profitable international project of that time.
  • Clash of Clans is the studio’s next project, rightfully earning its place among the best mobile strategy games.
  • Boom Beach is a successful strategic mobile project of the company, which entered the top 10 games during the first launch.
  • Clash Royale is a mobile RTS game set in the Clash of Clans universe. It has generated over $ 3 billion for the company over the years.
  • Brawl Stars is a MOBA game. The latest project released by the company, which has earned worldwide respect.

During the entire existence of the studio, not many games have been released, but they are all recognized by users and are considered one of the best in their genre.

A little about Clash of Clans

When the studio was developing the game, they never hoped for such a success. With its release, the company could row money with a shovel and bathe in the rays of glory. Supercell fully worked the game, almost everything to the smallest detail, which was one of many “push” for her successful ascent. Clash of Clans has a unique design and its own fully developed world. The game is constantly being updated, which keeps the players in good shape and does not give a reason for them to leave. The studio also makes funny and interesting videos on Youtuberevealing the history of the gaming universe. Here is one of them.

Tips for beginners (resources, crystals)

For the first launch of the game, the developers have provided a tutorial that will smoothly shine you in the main moments and help you figure out what’s where. It lasts no more than 5 minutes and this is quite enough. There are three main resources in the game: gold, elixir and black elixir, which opens at a higher level. There is also a paid currency in the game – these are crystals, with which you can open new builders, images for heroes, you can fill storages to the maximum and buy various decor.

Crystals are easily obtained in the builder’s village at the mine or obtained by removing various obstacles, and they can also be simply bought. It is worth saying that in the Clash of Clans some time ago they introduced a second village – “Builder’s Village”, which you develop in parallel with your “home village”. The mechanics of battles in them differ:

  • Your home village can be attacked by other players when you are not online. This village is the main village for the clan war.

  • In the builder’s village, you are fighting a parallel battle, i.e. you attack the enemy’s base, and he accordingly attacks yours, and whoever eventually gets the most stars wins. The winner receives resources and glory cups.

In multiplayer, there is a rating that goes up when you attack other players. In total, it has seven leagues with various awards at the end of the season:

Clash of Clans introduces a paid gold pass with various rewards, the main one is a skin for one of the four heroes.

What heroes and pets are in the game?

There are four unique heroes in the game:

  • Barbarian king – a melee fighter with the “Iron Fist” ability, which instantly heals the hero and summons a group of barbarians.

  • Archer Queen – a shooter with the “Royal Mantle” ability, which hides and heals the hero, summoning a group of archers to help.

  • The keeper – a magician who strengthens your troops.

  • Royal Champion Is a melee fighter who is able to jump over protective walls.

In a recent update, unique pets have been added to help heroes attack other players.

Something you might not know about …

There are a couple of key points in the game that it is advisable to adhere to:

  • From the first day in the game, save up crystals and do not spend them on anything other than the “builder’s huts”.
  • Improve your army, do not let the laboratory stand idle.
  • Do not go to the next level of the Town Hall until you have pumped all buildings to an acceptable level.
  • Builders should always be at work, this will ensure the maximum pumping speed.
  • There are many options for well-formed databases on the Internet. You can use them to maximize the protection of your resources from the encroachments of other players.
  • Collect resources when filling storage facilities.
  • If your storage is full, then you are like delicious candy for all players. The more resources – the more the attacker steals.

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