Clash Royale – How to use archetypal tactics?

image4 140 Clash Royale - How to use archetypal tactics?

To become a Clash Royale champion, you need to know the tactics that are commonly used. Learn the standard archetypes and no service is terrible!

Climbing the career ladder in Clash Royale is much more difficult than it might seem. The path from amateur to ESL Red Bull MEO Champion is a long one, but as always, you can find a few tips! Of course, without training there will be no results, but with a few simple tips, you can significantly accelerate your development!

1. The power of the cyclic deck

Cycling decks, as the name suggests, are made up of playing keycards intertwined with lots of cheap units, thanks to which you can quickly restore your best card, thus completing the “cycle”.

Hog Cycle based on Hog ​​Rider is probably the most common cycle deck. Many pros have been successful with this deck, so there’s no reason not to follow them!

Due to the low cost of Hog Rider cards, it can be played much more often than key enemy units. This guarantees the rapid destruction of the towers. The perfect execution of this tactic is represented by the Surgical Goblin:

Place Ice Golema or Ice Spirit in the front lanes to absorb all of the enemy’s attacks. Only then can the real star of the show, Hog Rider, step into the game. The rest of the cards must be used to defend your base.

2. Slow breakage

Beatdown is a tactic based on patience and a good knowledge of strengths and weaknesses. Early in the game, you need to focus on profitable army trades and removing the potion advantage. Without it, you can think of survival alone.

The popular Golem Beatdown deck uses Mega Minions to take down tough enemy units, while Lumberjack focuses on resisting lesser attacks. The strategic design of the Elixir Collector is also important to ensure a constant flow of energy.

Master of patience with the beatdown deck.

Master of patience with a downed deck.

These deck types show their full potential during the Double Elixir phase. The golem is the most important piece of the puzzle, but it needs the support of the rest of the units. If everything goes according to plan, then there should be no problem with destroying the enemy base.

3. Constant pressure on the bait spell

Spell Bait decks are ideal for players who prefer an aggressive style. Everything here is based on playing cards, designed to force the opponent to play their key spells (such as Log or Zap) and then draw Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel cards to destroy the tower.

Outsmart and bait your enemy with the Spell-Bait deck.

Outsmart and lure the enemy with a Spell-Bait deck.

If your opponent manages to break through your goblin hordes and make a counterattack, don’t panic! That’s why you have the Knight and Inferno Tower cards that can easily counter an attack.

However, it is very important to skillfully use the Rocket. It is only playable if you have a high damage job or even destroy an enemy tower.

4. Experiment with your own deck

Popular archetypes have one serious drawback: almost everyone knows them and is ready to resist them. Their strength is based mainly on good results achieved over many months. Another disadvantage is the availability of certain cards. Without them, the whole archetype will not work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt to them! It’s all about tactics in Clash Royale, so there’s plenty of room to build your favorite deck.


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