Co-op horror Secret Neighbor is coming to iOS next week

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The publisher tinyBuild is set to release Secret Neighbor on iOS next week. One team plays for “intruders” – teenagers who decided to sneak into the Neighbor’s house and get into the basement. Among them, the owner of this house is hiding in the guise of a child; his task is to catch the scoundrels. Those can not only run away, but also throw objects or shine in the eyes of the Neighbor; the smartest and most resourceful pick up a gun.

The house has many doors that are locked (this list also includes the basement, the most secure place in the house). So the children will not only have to hide from the all-seeing Neighbor, but also open every drawer and every room in search of the cherished keys. Many gamers point out that it is better to play with friends, because random games can spoil the mood (there are also cheaters).

Secret Neighbor will be released on iOS on June 17th. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions. There is a Russian localization. The game requires at least iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2015).

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