CookingSimulator – Preparation and workflow

It’s not just about the basics here, the type of work space you need (a cutting tray with a box and spices next door, oil next to the stove, a dish for ingredients, a plate ready to be placed on a dish, etc.).

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Prepare your workspace.

But one sad fact: in the last stages of the game in career mode, there is NOT enough time to cook all the dishes in real time. So:

Food doesn’t “spoil” over time – okay, the dish can freeze, but now we can successfully serve a hot 3-day steak to our restaurant guests and still get a solid tip. If we have time, we can successfully stock up on the previous day, which will give you more time and better scores when you receive multiple orders at the same time.

This is why the cooking phase and the cleaning phase are so important, because it is during them that we prepare the excess of dishes, or at least their main parts are ready.

Soup is usually left in excess. Keep it in a large saucepan, then pour it into a small one, heat it up in the microwave and serve it on a plate: voila, the order is ready in a moment;

  • also have pots and pans of water ready in case you need to cook something;

  • cook the ingredients for the most common dishes as often and as often as possible (at the same time, so as not to spend too much money) during both additional phases.


If the customer is concerned about ingredients that aren’t even being used, it could mean you’re using dirty dishes or kitchen tools. Then you should know that:

  • water washes away everything;

  • cutting boards – clear them using the “enter context” or “precise manipulation” option under the tap turned on above the sink;

  • throw food and spices off the plates by picking up the plate while looking at the basket and pressing the left mouse button ONCE; then you can put them under water.

Why only once? If you click LMB a second time, you will get rid of the plate…


Containers are important food stores in CookingSimulator.

Why should you use them as often as possible?

  • They allow you to move multiple components at the same time

  • … will let you do it “safely” if you use the right utensils

  • you can put hot food on them (this is a requirement if you don’t have the “gloves” ability perk)

And to make sure they’re not too expensive, just buy a few and use them over and over again, cleaning them only when necessary. The best “containers” include:

  • casserole (bowl, universal for small ingredients)

  • Paella Pan (when we need to move a lot or need to heat up a lot of things at the same time)

  • large pot (transport and soups)

What for? First of all, because the shape of the components makes them “drain” from the pot.

One of the best utility containers in the game.

Also, remember that soups can only be served on a deep plate; but nothing prevents you from pouring liquids into a salad bowl and using it when bottling.


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