Crossout has a limited-time mode “Judgment Night”, unlike other brawls

Multiplayer action game Crossout has been updated with Mr. Twitster, with which the temporary PvP mode “Judgment Night” became available. As the developers note, it is not like other brawls that have previously appeared in the game.

Battles in The Judgment Night take place on pre-installed armored vehicles and on a special map. At the start after death, you are offered a choice of 2 cars, and at the 15th level of the season, the number of slots can be increased by 1 (1 more slot is given to owners of the battle pass). Destroying enemies, you fill a special scale, which makes it possible to use especially powerful weapons. In this mode, all armored vehicles are capable of dashing left and right, and it is also impossible for them to shoot parts.

The update also improved the balance, finalized the sounds, increased the maximum warehouse size to 1200 cells, fixed bugs and more.

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