Crown of the Magister Coming This Fall

French studio Tactical Adventures has announced a major paid add-on Inner Strength for the tactical role-playing strategy Solasta: Crown of the Magister. This DLC will be released on November 14 this year and will include three new characters in the form of Warlock, Monk and Bard, as well as the Dragonborn bloodline.

Each of the heroes has four subclasses:

  • Warlock: Fiend, Hive, Time Keeper and Tree.
  • Bard: School of Knowledge, School of Hope, School of Heroism and School of Traditions.
  • Monk: Path of the Open Hand, Path of Survival, Path of Light, and Path of Freedom.

In addition to the paid Inner Strength DLC, a free update will be released that includes 17 new cosmetic loot feats, full gamepad support on PC, and more.

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