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Cyberpunk 2077 guide: All novels in the game

In the harsh world of Cyberpunk 2077, love doesn’t mean much. With most of the characters you meet, you will have only fleeting connections – but some of them will become your companions with whom you can build a lasting relationship. In this guide, we will talk about all the characters in the game that have a romantic storyline.

The ability to have a relationship with them is limited to V’s gender (a largely obsolete concept in the sci-fi future, but an integral part of the game), so we hope you don’t mind a little spoiler – they will allow you to create the desired character in advance. Each of the characters below can become a close partner for the player, but you can get even closer to them if you understand what we mean.

Anyone you can romance

Romantic relationships in Cyberpunk 2077 are implemented very simply. If you meet one of the following partners, then in order to seduce each of them, a number of the following general conditions must be met:

  • Always ask for them in dialogues tell as much as possible about yourself. Learn all you can.
  • treat them well. Don’t be an asshole and don’t try to take advantage of them. Think of them as friends first and then as lovers.
  • Try to complete tasks in their interests – this is especially true for secondary missions, which can end in a quick fling.
  • Complete all the missions they give you. You will receive them quite often, so follow their requests and check their messages. Don’t forget to reply!
  • Offer to sleep only after they make the first move.. Doing the opposite in this game is a recipe for failure.

Everything is simple. There are no tricks here – you don’t get married and can quickly sleep with dozens of random characters. It’s all a one-time relationship, and even the scenes with the main characters aren’t as explicit as the marketing makes them out to be.

You don’t have any time limits on the response steps, so you can complete the romantic side quests to your heart’s content.

Judy Alvarez

  • Orientation: lesbian, Vee’s gender is female.

We meet her already at the beginning of the game, in the first act – this is an important story NPC for the mission “Robbery”. But she becomes the object of a romantic relationship only after the mission “Catastrophe” in the second act – after completing it, if you are close enough, she will invite you to her house to continue.

Judy is a braindance programmer at Lizzie’s bar and a member of the Rogues gang. She is the only character in the game who can have a lesbian romance with her.

Meredith Stout

  • Orientation: hetero, V’s gender is male. Corporate Bonus

Meredith is a high-ranking Militech girl you meet at the beginning of the game, and she is very prominent in the first gameplay videos from the game’s promotional materials. If you help her complete the Militech tasks, she will offer you to sleep.

River Ward

  • Orientation: hetero, V’s gender is female.

You can get into a relationship with this thug after completing the “I Fought the Law” side quest in Act 2. It’s given by Elizabeth Perales, so don’t miss it if you’re looking for a guy.

Panam Palmer

  • Orientation: hetero, V’s gender is male. Bonus for the Nomad

Panam is a stern girl who can be found in the mission “Ghost Town” in the second act. It is impossible to pass by her, but with inappropriate behavior, relations with her can be destroyed. Offer her friendship first, and eventually she’ll develop feelings for you…if you complete all of her missions.

Alt Cunningham

  • Orientation: bisexual, gender Vee – any.

The only character that can be romanced just by completing the main quest. You will see the bed scene anyway.

Kerry Eurodyne

  • Orientation: gay gender V is male

Former member of the Samurai, now a wealthy resident of North Oak. Complete his side quests to start his romance quests. Further information will be added.

This is the only character that a gay man can have an affair with.


  • Orientation: bisexual, gender Vee – any.

Complete Johnny Silverhand’s side quests to get Rouge to develop feelings for you. This killer and current owner of the Afterlife bar used to work with Johnny and participated in his raid on the Arasaka Corporation.

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