Deleting Classes, New Story, and Changing Skills – MMORPG RaiderZ Updated Version Development Report

Deleting Classes New Story and Changing Skills MMORPG RaiderZ GTA III - Criminal Organizations

Although the development of an updated version of MMORPG RaiderZ is progressing rather slowly, the Masang Soft studio still does not sit idle, periodically publishing detailed reports. This time, the team talked about the cardinal changes that have taken place in the game over the past few months. Below is a short translation.

Removing classes

  • Your character is no longer limited within the class. This means that you can create your own unique class.
  • After starting the game, you specify the gender and name of the character, and the class is not selected.
  • Character characteristics such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charm have been replaced with more intuitive ones.
    • The characteristics of the character are now the following: Physical attack, Magic attack, Casting speed, Duration of skills, Chance of critical damage, Critical attack, Critical resistance.
    • The designations HP, MP, ST remained the same.

Changing the game world

  • The world of RaiderZ consists of regular locations, instance dungeons, cities, and settlements.
  • In ordinary locations, you can collect materials and hunt, as well as complete some quests.
  • Instance dungeons are needed to farm equipment and obtain high-level materials.
  • Cities and towns are the safest places in the world of RaiderZ.
  • There are separate zones for PvP, such as Mount Eda (Mt. Eda).
  • Dungeons automatically scale based on difficulty.
    • Dungeons are divided into several levels of difficulty, on which the quality of the items obtained depends.
    • Dungeons scale based on the increase or decrease of the people involved.

New plot

  • The narrative structure of the entire RaiderZ game has been changed and all quests have been replaced. However, the friendly NPCs remained.
  • Narrative elements are given over to NPCs and you can now relive the story on your own. It is not entirely clear what this means. Perhaps the main characters are more involved in the plot.
  • You will be able to experience the story in several ways.
  • As you progress, the terrain changes and new locations appear.
  • Special missions may appear in some areas and dungeons. Upon completion, you will receive an additional bonus.

Removing enchantments

  • The enchantment content has been removed, and the characteristics have been changed to random.
  • All materials are fully accessible through gathering, crafting, instance dungeons, boss fights, and trade.
  • Item set bonus stats that brought uniformity to armor have been removed. Players will have more options for combining equipment.

Changing passive skills

  • Class passives removed and replaced with one extensive skill structure.
  • You can learn any passive skills using the skill points that you get when you level up.
  • Since the classes have disappeared, it’s up to you to decide which skills to learn. This will allow you to create your own build.
    • For example, you can easily create a mage who fights on the front line with a shield, as well as a hybrid mage who uses offensive magic and healing skills.

Active skill changes

  • In order to be able to use a skill, you need to install a “skill stone” on your equipment.
  • Both weapons and armor have slots for skill gems, but their number may vary.
  • You can create a new skill gem by combining others.
    • For example, if you combine Curse and Ice Arrow, you can create Cursed Ice Arrow.
    • The formula for the combination of skill gems will be published later, but the developers are currently discussing whether it is worth disclosing it in full.

The western version of RaiderZ, distributed by Perfect World, was shut down in 2015. However, already in 2017, Masang Soft studio announced a full-fledged restart of this MMORPG with graphics and gameplay improvements. Since then, the team has shared news about the project from time to time. You can familiarize yourself with them on our website.

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