Doom – Where to look for robots that will allow you to modify your weapons

To modify most weapons, the collected improvement points are not enough. If you want to enjoy an alternative shot or enhance your precision aiming, you must first unlock such upgrades in a dedicated combat drone.

Some of them you will find during missions, while others are found in secret levels. Here are some tips that will make finding drones much easier.

Mission 1

After opening the blue door and defeating the first wave of enemies, jump to the lower level and stick to the right side. At the end, jump a little higher, where a drone will fly by in the cave on the right.

Mission 2

Right after entering the room where you will find a golden access card.

Mission 3

When you get to the first open area, go left and jump to the other side of the bridge. On the left, you’ll find a green lit door that will take you to the drone in the room on the right.

Mission 4

After destroying the third Argentu filter, you must go outside. There you will find a door that is the entrance to the aquarium room. Now just go up the stairs to the highest level where you will find the drone.

When you’re outside, use the blue force field to jump to the lower level right below the field. Then go a little to the left, jump to the ledge, then turn right. There you will find a larger entrance to the room, at the end of which is the next corridor. The device you are looking for is there.

Mission 5

After reaching the broken part of the bridge, jump to the other side and start climbing the next ledges. When you reach the stairs, jump onto the ledge on the right. Follow the next ladder and short bridge until you reach a room with red transformers at the end. Behind them you will find a drone.

Mission 6

When you are in the largest part of the room, at some point you will notice a yellow beam pointing upwards. Approach it from this side to see a huge skull on a rock. After jumping over to the other side and heading towards the mission marker, you will spot a drone.

Mission 7

After breaking through the first wave of enemies in the interiors of the complex and opening the lock, you will find yourself in a two-level room. On the left is the panel. Use it to move the crane carrying the big box. Use the double jump to jump onto it, then turn right and jump onto the ledge in the same way. At the end of the bridge you will find a drone.

Mission 8

During the mission, you will find yourself in a place where you will have to start a huge fan. However, before you do so, drop down onto the shield protecting the propeller and jump even lower through the single hole. Jump down again and pay attention to the side hole – you will find a drone there.

Mission 9

At the outer edge of this level, there is a rather long corridor lit by flashing blue lights. At the end, you will find a small room containing the desired robot.

Mission 10

Upon entering the upper level from the room with the red pillars, you will encounter a wave of enemies. After defeating them, click on the skull panel, then fight one strong opponent. At the other end of the corridor he comes out of, there is a secret passage behind the wall. Only after killing the demon will the wall rise, revealing access to the drone you probably spotted earlier, through the bars.

Mission 11

After opening the blue door with the skull and going down the tunnel, you will enter a small room with a broken staircase. Keep to the left and jump onto the stairs using the double jump. There you will find a drone.

In the last two missions, field drones are not encountered.


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