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Dual Universe is now available for free as a trial

MMORPG Dual Universe has got a free demo version, so anyone can try it. The client can be downloaded via Steam.

To introduce newcomers to what Dual Universe has to offer after the release on September 27th, the gameplay is accelerated during the free trial period. Also, the in-game markets in the trial version sell goods at very reduced prices and open access to the necessary resources in order to explore unknown planets, start a new business, create priceless works of art and experiment with the most advanced voxel-based tools, it was easier.

The free trial server periodically resets progress, but they warn about this at least a week in advance.

The full version of Dual Universe will offer one server available to everyone. Users will be able to build almost anything, as well as participate in a player-driven economy, create organizations and wage war against each other. Once launched, the Dual Universe will be a sandbox galaxy built and completely controlled by the people who inhabit it.

Dual Universe: Launch Announcement Livestream

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