Early access of War Place arcade butler on Android has begun

Just yesterday we talked about the mobile MOBA Archwar: Heroes And Demons, where the graphics are “straight from Warcraft III”. Now it’s the turn of the War Place butler; in terms of gameplay, the game resembles a distant relative of Clash Royale: we build towers from which units come out. The game is divided into levels, which can be quickly cut off due to the victory of one of the parties. Our task is to reflect all the waves of the enemy. On our side, griffins and people are fighting, and the enemy has magicians and undead.

In addition to PvE, there are battles with a real enemy; the enemy is located quickly (although it may be a bot), he can give change. Now the developers have launched an early version, so you can still tighten up the graphics and game elements before the release. Also in the project there are daily tasks and achievements. As advantages, the creators highlight easy gameplay, auto-battles and a wide choice of strategies.

An early version of War Place is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with all that it implies. There is no information about the version for iOS.

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