Early launch of ZWar1 has begun: machine gun against flamethrower and mutants

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ZWar1 is a first-person shooter where we have to sit in trenches and fight off crowds of zombies and other mutants. The graphics are passable if you don’t look closely at them. In fact, we are fighting off waves of enemies, while the ammo magazine is not limited, although we need to reload. At the end, a huge monster emerges from the ground, which is very difficult to destroy without air support. After passing we are given materials and weapons. According to the plot, the year is 1918, almost the end of the First World War. A pandemic of some kind of “Spanish flu” is raging in the world, which makes the dead rise (hello, Resident Evil).

In the main menu, you can look at the enemy headquarters and the territory that he occupied. Before the start of the level, we place the troops, and during the battles we give orders. For example, they can throw a grenade (the explosion sound is unrealistic). For better defense, you can buy new weapons.

An early version of ZWar1 is already available on iOS and Android. It is worth noting that at the time of this writing, there is no game in the Russian App Store. If in your country the situation is the opposite, please write down in the comments. This is a shareware project with microtransactions up to 8 699 rubles per item

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